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Jackson Street Roundhouse Visit 8/10/2009

by Chris Guenzler

After visiting Bandana Square my next stop was the Jackson Street Roundhouse. I parked in their parking lot.

The Jackson Street Roundhouse.

Northern Pacific Wooden Caboose 1264.

DSS&A 101 Baggage-Mail-Express.

Rock Island Commuter Coach 2529

Great Northern 1224 "Empire Builder" Coach.

Rutledge Station. I then sat on a bench and waited for a guide Dan to arrive which he did in a few minutes.

I shot this crossing signal while waiting.

Dan Patch Electric Lines Boxcab 100.

Great Northern Box Car 13397.

Great Northern X-757 Drover's Coach 1893 Barney & Smith.

Northern Pacific Wooden Caboose 1631 built 1918.

MN&S "Gopher" Heavyweight Business Car 1892 Barney & Smith ex-D&NM "Grand Marais".

Wooden Train from the Children Museum at Bandana Square.

Track equipment.

Great Northern 1480 Bulk Mail Car.

Milwaukee Road Coach 502.

MNTX Boom Car 6124.

Great Northern X1735 150-ton Derrick.

Northern Pacific 30 Russel Snow Plow.

Northern Pacific 328 Engine Tender.

Northern Pacific PE Pacific 4-6-2 2103.

Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9735 Doodlebug.

Great Northern Lounge 1084 Twin Port.

Northern Pacific S-10 4-6-0 328.

LST&T NW-2 101.

Great Northern 16 Heater Car.

Great Northern 1146 Coach/Diner. Yes like the Overland Trail this car is painted in two paint schemes one on each side.

Soo Line Caboose 31.

BN MNTX Box Car 99076.

Frisco Box Car 27998.

Milwaukee Road URTX Reefer 37343.

Frisco Box Car 19434.

Frisco Box Car 19424.

Soo Line Outside Braced Box Car 134216.

Burlington Northern Steel Caboose 10280.

Great Northern Wooden Caboose X-240.

Burlington Northern Steel Caboose 10280.

Northern Pacific Heavyweight Coach 1370 built in 1915.

Tarp covered passenger car.

Great Northern Box Car 138407.

Burlington Box Car 41236.

Peavey SW-1 14.

Soo Line 693 MOW Sleeper.

Soo 1227 "Valhalla" 12-1 Sleeper 1907 Barney & Smith which has been sold to the Colfax Railroad Museum.

Armco B-71.

Soo Line Box Car 13960.

Burlington Northern Box Car 14445.

They also have buses as part of the museum. Next we headed to the restoration area of the Roundhouse.

Burlington Northern 14445 was the first steel caboose ever made.

Here is Jim Swanson who is restoring it.

Milwaukee Road Steel Bay Window Caboose 992040.

StPM&M Combine 506 built in 1879 by Barney & Smith.

Northern Pacific Q3 4-6-2 2156 built in 1909.

Northern Pacific (LST&T) SW1200 105.

An unmarked passenger car.

Andersen Windows SW-1 3110 built in June of 1949.

United States Navy 45-tonner 10106.

Chicago Burlington & Quincy Coach 598.

Steam Engine Tender 2156.

MNTX W-165 Water Car.

MNTX Tank Car 42.

Sleeper W-30 Track Department.

Northern Pacific F unit.

CMStP&P Combine 2756 built in 1938.

Burlington Northern Box Car 198604 (GN 3533).

Frisco Box Car 19529.

Burlington Northern Box Car 375845 (GN 138687).

Minnesota Northfield & Southern Flat Car 900711.

The bus out in front. From here I drove north to the Iron Horse Central out in Chisago City, Minnesota.