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The National Railroad Museum 5/2/2003 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

I drove onto the property and parked the rental car.

I was greeted by Milwaukee Road H-10-44 767 in beautiful paint. I parked and went inside to pay my fare as well to introduce myself to the staff. I had received special permission to use my tripod for pictures of their indoor collection. I walked out of the Harold E. Fuller Hall into the Frederick Bauer Drumhead Gallery which was very impressive. That led me to the Frederick J. Lenfester Center , the huge hall that holds the Eisenhower WW II train, the Union Pacific Big Boy 4017 and Pennslyvania Railroad GG-1 4890.

60008 (4496) A4 4-6-2 4'-8 1/2" BR(LNER) Named Dwight D. Eisenhower, Three cylinder.

Union Pacific Big Boy 4-8-8-4 4017.

Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 4890.

Minnesota & St Louis D-538.

PP&L 4094 Fireless Steam Engine.

Wisconsin State Railroad Car.

E&LSRR P100 Wedge Snowplow. I next toured the Victor McCormick Train Pavilion.

Inside here is the Rock Island Aerotrain,

Duluth, Missabe Iron Range 2-10-2 5806

C&O K-4 2-8-4 2736.

AT&SF 2-10-4 5017

View of engines.

LS&I SC-4 2-8-0 24.

Soo Line 4-6-2 2718.

View of Steam engines. Back outside on the north side of the McCormick Building is a freight train with Green Bay and Western engine on it.

Green Bay Western C-430 315.

Milwaukee Road E9A 38A.

Wisconsin Central GP-30 715.

Black Hills Packing Company URTX 72733.

Bangor & Aroostock BL2 56.

United States Army RSD1 8651

Wisconsin Central SD-24 2402.

View of engines.

Janesville & Southern BL2 52.

Reggie Express 92.

Sumter & Choctaw 2-8-2 102.

Freight train.

Milwaukee Road H12-44 767.

Janesville & Southern F-units.

Janesville & Southern 106.

Wisconsin & Calumet 102B.

Wisconsin & Calumet 901.

Ely Thomas Lumber Shay 5.

I walked out to the observation tower which provided a great overall view of not only the museum grounds but the surrounding Green Bay area.

Another view of the museum.

Views of the Fox River from the tower. I still had one more picture to take on the ground.

Green Bay Western S1 402.

I next took the museum train ride around the loop pulled by the Milwaukee Road 767. The car I rode in was the ex Lackawana Electric Car called Josephine while our other car was the North Western Lines 7411. Tim Tennant was our conductor and gave us great amounts of information along the route. The grounds used to be a City of Green Bay park, 33 acres in size. Even though it has "National" in its name, they receive no federal funds of any kind and everything is paid for by admission fees and private donations. We took off by crossing the main road into the museum and minutes later stopped by the observation tower along the Fox River. Here he discussed the Joseph Leicester, a hospital car, one of two the CNW had that carried patients from Chicago to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. We next stopped on the bridge over Dutchman Creek where it flows into the Fox River. The train next passed the Haunted House they use as a fund raiser before crossing Dutchman Creek again. We crossed the leads to the Canadian National trackage and the outside rail world. We pulled to a stop at the depot thus completing the loop around the museum. Inside the Hood Jct Depot there is a large model railroad display. I really enjoyed my visit to this truly unique railroad museum.

A return to Janesville 5/2/2003

I drove to a Walgreens for post cards before taking US 41 South to Wisconsin Highway 24, stopping in Watertown for a few minutes before heading south to Janesville. I stopped by the Wisconsin Southern shops to see what was there.

Wisconsin Southern SD-20 2055. I stopped at the Walgreens here for more post cards before heading to the Baymount Inn to get a room for the night. It was the exact room I had on my "Janesville Jaunt" adventure.

I went over to see what was left of the former Amtrak stop for this city. I drove to Applebees for a steak dinner. I gassed the rental car up before returning to my room to relax for the evening.

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