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A Holiday Festival of Trains Pulls into the Richard Nixon Library 12/18/2006

by Chris Guenzler

On November 18th, 2006 I saw up on that a special exhibit was now at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California. It would take visitors on a journey through the world on miniature trains. This exhibit is one of the largest ever created and is called "A Holiday Festival of Trains". It features an incredible landscape of more than 100 trains traveling through snow covered villages and wintry mountain scenes. Also on display is the Lilly Belle, the miniature steam locomotive built in 1949 by Walt Disney which had been enjoyed in his backyard. This display is on loan from the Disney Family. Additional displays include the "Towers of Trains" featuring 12-feet tall multi-tiered platforms with more than 1000 feet of track. The "Wall of Trains" display features more than 60 vintage model train engines. Another exhibit is sections from the first Disneyland Monorail, dedicated by then Vice President Richard Nixon in 1956. A section dedicated to the 1960 Presidential campaign whistle stop platform used by candidate Richard Nixon. Also a rare combination of six gauges favored by collectors together in one exhibit, including G, standard, O, S, ON30 and HO-gauges. This and plenty more would be seen. It should be quite an amazing collection to be seen by one and all.

After a morning train ride to Solana Beach and I checking for an e-mail, I drove to the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda.

The fountain out in front of the Nixon Library.

The entrance to "A Holiday Festival of Trains" at the Richard Nixon Library.

The first display case inside the exhibit.

The Pacific Electric Red Cars were used by the young future President in his youth.

Views of a model of the car that Richard Nixon used on his 1960 Presidential campaign whistle stop train.

The Wall of Trains

Lionel Electric Toy Train Poster.

Ives Trains Poster.

Display Case I.

An American Flyer Trains Poster.

Display Case II.

American Flyer Trains Poster.

Display Case III.

An engine and caboose in a display box.

Two engines.


Steam engines and early diesel train set.

Another display box.

Missouri Pacific engine.

Northern Pacific and Union Pacific engines.

A Baldwin Diesel.

B&O Steam Engine.

Display Case IV.

SP Daylight Engine.

Milwaukee Road Engines.

Milwaukee Road Observation Car just like the Cedar Rapids I have ridden in behind the Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 261.

Disney Electric Locomotive.

More engines.

One more engine.

Another engine in a display box.

Walt Disney's Lilly Belle

Views of the Walt Disney's Lilly Belle, the miniature steam locomotive built in 1949.

Views of pictures of Walt Disney along with the Lilly Belle.

A small model railroad layout.

Disneyland Monorail Display

The Disneyland Monorail Display.

Views of the model railroad display at the Richard Nixon Library.

As you can tell it is quite a model railroad exhibit.

Poster of Ives Toys.

Now views of some of the public enjoying the unique railroad exhibit at the Richard Nixon Library.

As you can tell by the smiling faces everyone here was enjoying "A Holiday Festival of Trains." If you would like to come and see it for yourself, The Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace is open daily Monday through Saturday at 10 AM to 5 PM and Sundays 11 AM to 5 PM through January 7th, 2007. I really enjoyed it and I truly hope you will too!

A special thank you to the Richard Nixon Library for allowing me to write this story and also to President Richard Nixon for signing the Railpax Bill that created Amtrak.

Orange County Railroad Historical Society visit to the Nixon Library 1/6/2007

After seeing the railroad exhibit for myself I thought that others might like to join me in a second visit.

Our group met in front of the Richard Nixon Library. We waited to go inside and then all headed into the railroad display room. Since I had seen this exhibit, I decided to look around the rest of the museum. My first stop was the East Room of the White House display.

I really felt like I was in the East Room of the White House.

Outside of the East Room was the Hallway of Flags.

I went outside of the building for the view of the reflecting pond.

The grave site of Richard and Pat Nixon.

The Nixon Birthplace plaque.

The house that Richard Nixon was born in.

The Presidential Helicopter.

Inside of the Presidential Helicopter. After that I toured the rest of the Library.

View inside one of the display halls at the Nixon Library.

A car used by Nixon in an early campaign.

Nixon campaign memorability. I listen to some of the Watergate Tapes as I finished my tour of this most interesting presidential library.