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Northern California 2011 Explorer Part 3

Central Coast Railway Club

by Chris Guenzler

The train left the Serpentine Canyon and was on our way towards Keddie.

Views from Serpentine Canyon to below Keddie.

Views at the Keddie Wye. The BNSF Pilot Engineer joined our crew and soon we were off for the High Line.

Our train started to leave Keddie.

Both ends of the train as we started up the High Line.

The trestle we had crossed below Keddie.

A new Highway 70 Bridge is being built over Spanish Crew.

The climb out of Keddie.

CA Highway 89 far below us.

Moccasin Creek below us.

The canyon ahead.

The train crossed another high trestle.

Looking down at the canyon below.

Interesting clouds and rock formations as we climbed out of the Feather River Canyon.

Two views looking down at CA highway 89 and then at Moccasin we met BNSF 7439 South.

Two views of the Humbug Valley.

A cool looking barn before Greenville. After Greenville I rode the vestibule to pass the " S" curves to climb the grade to reach the Lake Almanor Basin.

The view out of the vestibule as we climbed the grade to the Lake Almanor Basin.

The former wye track near Almanor.

View of the train north of Almanor siding.

Lake Almanor.

The rear of our train north of Almanor on the way to Clear Creek Junction.

Lake Almanor.

Ohio Creek just before Clear Creek Jct.

Clear Creek Jct where the Almanor Railroad from Chester once met the Western Pacific.

Walker Lake before Westwood.

The town of Westwood.

Our train took the siding at Westwood.

The replica Westwood Station.

The Westwood Sign. Our train waited for the BNSF 4104 South.

Bart Jennings working in his mileage book. The train then left Westwood for points north. North of Westwood there were patches of snow. The train next reached the Robbers Creek, the next siding on the railroad.

Ponds along our route.

Long Lake which had ducks on it.

The train crossed Highway 44.

Views of the Pine Creek Valley.


Views of Grays Valley.

Views of Poison Lake.

Lodgepole Pines.

The wye at Halls Flat.

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