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The Nevada Northern Picture Page

by Chris Guenzler

Here are additional pictures from the Nevada Northern Trip.

Copper Flats from the rear of the first train trip.

KCC Spreader

Copper Flats.

Leaving Copper Flats.

Ghost Train at East Ely

Nevada Northern 2-6-2 40 in front of the East Ely Station.

Trip 2 heading to Copper Flats in Robinson Canyon.

Ghost train arriving at Copper Flats.

NN Coach 5.

NN 20 Baggage Coach

Ghost Train at Copper Flats.

Trip 2 heading back through Ruth.

Trip 2 heading back through Robinson Canyon.

Arriving back at East Ely

Wyeing at East Ely.

Coming into the East Ely Yard.

KCC Caboose 22.

Nevada Northern Caboose 3.

Outside the Nevada Northern Engine House.

Nevada Northern SD-7 401.

NN 40 at rest.

KCC Ore Car.

NN 4.

Trip 3 in Robinson Canyon.

Ghost Train at Keystone.

NN Rotary Snow Plow.

KCC RS-2 9.

KCC RS-2 9.

KCC 2-8-0 93 on display waiting to be restored one day.

KCC 2-8-0 81 was also on display at Ely.

The Ghost Train on Trip 4 coming out west of the tunnel in Robinson Canyon.

Rolling through Robinson Canyon.

The last trip after wyeing at Copper Flats.

Descending from Copper Flats.

Running back into town above Ely.

The end of the final run of the day at East Ely Station.