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NRHS Northwest Railway Museum Visit and Ride 6/22/2011

by Chris Guenzler

We all got up and had waffles and sausage for breakfast. Bob had to go to his second day of his new job so it was just Elizabeth and myself doing the NRHS Trip today. Instead of driving to Tacoma to ride buses to the museum we elected to drive out to the museum. On the way there we stopped at Woodinville and took pictures of the local shortline that operates out of there, Eastside Freight Rail.

Eastside Freight Rail EFRX SW-1200 109 ex Tacoma Rail 1204, exx CEECO 207, nee Missouri Pacific 1191 built 1963.

NPRX Caboose 1103.

The equipment at Woodinville. From here we took WA 522 east to Monroe then WA 203 south to Snoqualmie and we started looking around.

Ex US Army RS-4TC 4024.

The Snoqualmie Station 56.2 miles from Seattle.

US Plywood 2-6-6-2 11.

United States Army GE 44 toner 7320.

Kennecott Copper RSD-4 201.

US Army RS-4TC 4012.

JH Baxter Company Gasoline-Mechanical Locomotive 6-C.

The back of our excursion train today. Our train had a consist of Engine 4024, SP&S Wooden Coach 213, SP&S Steel Coach 276, SP&S Combine 272 and Oregon-Washington & Navigation Company Observation Car 1590.

Museum grounds scene. The NRHS buses arrived at 9:20 AM and soon we were aboard the train. We took the nice comfy chairs in the open door combine for our trip today.

The train left Snoqualmie heading west at 9:47 AM.

A fan waves goodbye to me.

Log Car in the Centennial Log Pavilion.

A woman sets up her flowers for sale today.

Stored equipment.

The chase is on by one of the railfans here.

Railroad Ave & Snoqualmie Pkwy.

He can't chase us any further west but we will be going east in just a few minutes. Be patient my friend!

A log truck ran east on Railroad Ave.

Snoqualmie Falls Station.

The Snoqualmie River ready to fall.

The Snoqualmie Falls from the top falling over.

There is no clear view of Snoqualmie Falls from the train.

At the end of track, the view looking down at the Snoqualmie River in its gorge. After about ten minutes here, the train reversed directions and headed next to North Bend.

Attempts of views of Snoqualmie Falls.

Snoqualmie Falls Station.

This bridge is made out of railroad flat cars.

Passing back through Snoqualmie.

Mount Si.

The train has now left Snoqualmie.

A pond along our route.

It was a little weird to see railroad car trucks along the tracks.

The Railway History Center Train Shed.

The train nears the Restoration Shop.

Ex Weyerhaeuser H-12-44 1.

Our tour hosts waiting for our return from North Bend for shop tours and lunch.

The train ran through a few miles of forests.

More rail waiting to be used.

The train crossed the Highway between Snoqualmie and North Bend.

Mount Si.

The train crossed the 798 foot trestle and truss bridge across the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River.

Mount Si once more.

Our train has reached North Bend.

The end of track can be seen.

The North Bend Station.

The train had reached the turn back point.

The train left North Bend for the Railway History Center Train Shed and Restoration Shop.

Me enjoying the comfy chair on the way to our departure point which we arrived at a few minutes later.

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