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Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad 4/20/2010

by Chris Guenzler

Our train left Titusville for Rynd Farm.

We left town passing the old industry on the way out of town.

Our train crossed Oil Creek.

Oil Creek.

The Titusville Yard Limit Sign.

Passengers enjoy the open air car.

Our train crossed Oil Creek again.

Oil Creek.

The freight cars coming off the Oil Creek Bridge.

The Drake Well Station.

The Drake Well Historic Site.

Bus loads of kids at the Drake Well Museum. From here we entered Oil Creek State Park.

Views along Oil Creek as we headed south.

The Boughton Foot Bridge.

Another view of Oil Creek.

View of the forest.

Our train running through the forest along Oil Creek.

The freight cars following along.

Views along Oil Creek.

Our train rolls on towards Rynd Farm.

Views along Oil Creek.

The trees above the train.

Our train curved to the left down the canyon.

The forest.

Passengers enjoying the open air car.

Oil Creek.

The bridge near Miller Farm.

An old structure.

Oil Creek.

The view is great from the open air car.

Oil Creek.

Another foot bridge across Oil Creek.

Trees on the canyon wall.

Milepost 130.

Trees on the canyon walls.

Our train crossed Oil Creek on this truss bridge.

Crossing Oil Creek and note the fly fisherman. At the south end of the bridge we detrained for our next Photo Runby.

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