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Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad Trip 5/20/2010 Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

The back up move.

The Photo Runby. They decided to do a second Photo Runby here so I crossed the tracks for the back up move.

The back up move.

Photo Runby 2. We all reboarded and the train continued on its way to Rynd Farm.

The Petroleum Centre Station.

Our train passing through Petroleum Centre.

More views of Oil Creek.

The Ice Control Dam.

The views of Oil Creek right before we arrived at Rynd Farm.

The Rynd Farm Station. Most of our passengers detrained here at Rynd Farm.

Rynd Farm.

Our engine ran around the train to get the freight cars to be interchanged with the Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad.

Soon the engine bought the cars down for interchange.

Our engine brings those cars down to the interchange point.

Photo Line.

Our engine at Rynd Farm.

Oil Creek at the Rynd Farm. We reboarded but it was then announced we would be waiting for the Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad to deliver a "Hot Car" for Titusville and we could photograph the interchange.

The engine then pulled the whole string of cars into the siding.

The Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad arrived with their cars for interchange with the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad.

The Photo Line.

The Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad engines returned with their cars to take onto their railroad.

Rynd Farm. We all reboarded and after the engine coupled on the freight cars we were taking we left Rynd Farm for Titusville.

Passengers enjoying the open air car.

The Ice Control Dam.

Oil Creek.

Rolling through Petroleum Centre.

Later the Drake Oil Well.

The train crossed Oil Creek as made our way back to Titusville. It had been a great trip aboard the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad. I walked back to the B&O Caboose and worked on the stories from the last two days. We ate at the Blue Canoe and I finished up the stories for the rest of the evening.