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Arkansas & Missouri Rare Mileage Trip Daytime Meteorite 9/12/2010

Sponsored by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

by Chris Guenzler

After a good night sleep and after another cold shower and sink drain that didn't work, I went and had breakfast. I did the corrections for yesterday's story and then packed up. I drove to the front of the hotel. I checked out and the printed my boarding flight for my Southwest Airlines. I put five gallons gas into the rental car before I drove to the Springdale Station and parked. After I checked in with Sarah I boarded the train in the Explorer. The train today had A&M RS-32 30, Parlor 107 Explorer, Coach 106 Mountain View, Coach 105 Golden Age and the unnumbered caboose.

The train before we left Springdale and I was on new trackage. The train departed Springdale at 8:06 and we were off to Monet. The train went through North Yard by Vogel and on to Lowell. The train ran on north rolling through Roger where the Bentonville Branch takes off from the mainline. The train ran to Avoca where we came to the north end of the large plateau that Springdale sits on and we were now in the rolling terrain. The train took us to Brightwater and across the Little Sugar Bridge then to Garfield. The train climbed up and over Garfield Hill. The train crossed into Missouri and we ran through Seligman. The train rolled across the rolling Missouri countryside.

The Missouri countryside.

The Missouri countryside on the way to Washburn before crossing Wayne Hill and ran through Wayne and to Exeter. The train crossed Missouri Highway 37 and old Highway 37 before we ran onto Butterfield.

The train ran by the large grain elevator with a large balloon track for unit trains.

A large concrete grain elevator at Hudson north of Butterfield. Here they rearranging our train for the trip back south and the engine ran around the train.

Here is our RS-32 waiting to perform its chore here.

Our group setting up for the Photo Runby at Hudson.

The caboose is spotted in the siding.

The engine then grabbed the train and shoved it clear of the switch.

The caboose is sitting by itself in the siding.

The passenger train is spotted on the mainline.

Our A&M RS-32 30 at Hudson.

They then grabbed the caboose to respot it to the end of the train.

The engine then ran around the train.

The engine was placed on the front of the train.

The train then backed up to do our Photo Runby and the 1958 GM Model PD 4104 Bus showed up for the St Louis Group's trip back home.

Photo Runby 1 at Purdy.

The train backed to the crossing.

Now we would get to use that bus for pictures.

The bus and our train. We all reboarded for the trip back to Springdale.

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