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Overland Trail Father's Day Flyer 6/20/2009

by Chris Guenzler

When I saw on Trainweb's What's New about the Overland Trail Father's Day Trip to Santa Barbara, I called Steve Grande and told him I wanted to go. I bought an Amtrak Thruway Bus Ticket to get to LAUPT and a train ticket back. Winston and his wife plus Christy next decided to go. Winston and Christy did the Double Comet Car Trip and we decided to drive to LAUPT since it was Saturday and we didn't want to get up early and wait for the Surfliner Train to take home. We decided to meet at my house at 6:00 AM and drove to LAUPT in 25 minutes and parked in the MTA Parking Structure.

Surfliner 799 waits for departure time at LAUPT. Our train consists of Engine 503, Overland Trail SP 2981 800633, Amfleet Coaches 82510, 82500, 82720 and 28540, Horizon Cafe/Business 58107 and Cabbage Car 90208.

The Overland Trail is unique as it is painted in Daylight Colors on one side and SP Lark Colors on the other.

The Overland Trail is the former Southern Pacific 2981, a club-lounge car, built in 1949 by the Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Company.

I sat at the end table with Carole Walker on one side of the car and Steve Grande along with Barbara and Shelli at the table across from us. The train left LAUPT on time and I spotted Chris Parker watching us leaving. We had a breakfast of Waffles and Chicken Sausage.

The old Southern Pacific Advertising on this wall can still be made out.

Metrolink units at their shops.

A line of New Jersey Comet Cars Metrolink has leased at their yard in Los Angeles. We made all of the passenger stops and at CP Topanga met Surfliner 768.

The Chatsworth Rocks.

Leaving the San Fernando Valley before we went into the long tunnel to get to the Simi Valley.

The artwork at the end of the Overland Trail with Carole, Barbara and Steve.

The bar of the Overland Trail.

Owner Bill Hatrick visits with the car's passengers.

After Ventura our train reached the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Views along our route to Santa Barbara where most of our passengers detrained.

A new passenger car at Santa Barbara is the Southern Pacific 142 Santa Barbara.

Views of the lounge area of the Overland Trail.

The Barber Shop area of the Overland Trail.

The end of the car paintings once again.

Back to the coast line west of Goleta.

Rufugio State Beach.

Views running west to Point Conception.

Views as we ran north to Surf.

Crossing the Santa Ynez River at Surf.

We turned east away from the Pacific Ocean.

Later two views of the Santa Maria Valley.

Dropping down into Grover Beach.

Later we approached San Luis Obispo.

Passing the San Luis Obispo Station.

Surfliner 799 at San Luis Obispo. They pulled our consist north of the station for the layover there. I visited the station for some snacks and relaxed aboard the car before I ventured out for a few pictures.

The Overland Trail at SLO.

The San Luis Obispo Helper Set.

Surfliner 792 now ready to depart back to Los Angeles.

Views along the Pacific Ocean coming back.

The Gaviota Pier. At Santa Barbara the rest of our group reboarded the train for the trip back to LAUPT.

The Santa Monica Mountains east of Oxnard.

Later coming into the San Fernando Valley. The train made excellent time and got into LAUPT six minutes early at 7:09 PM. It had been a wonderful trip aboard the Overland Trail and we all detrained very happy train riders. We drove back to Santa Ana having to fight traffic all the way down to the Riverside Freeway. Back at my house I said goodbye to the Winston's and went inside the house to write this story.