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Washington State Railroads Historical Society Museum Collection 6/18/2011

by Chris Guenzler

I had called the Washington State Railroads Historical Society Museum from the train and told them we would still be coming. He told me that the collection I wanted to see wasn't at the museum site but at the Port of Pasco and he gave me excellent directions to find them. That meant I wouldn't have to rush and we could railfan along the way. Bob Riskie followed me out Oregon Highway 7 to Baker City and we took US 30 west to North Powder where we spotted a train.

Union Pacific 8181 West stopped at North Powder. He started to move so I relocated to the US Highway 30 Bridge and caught him them entering the siding.

Union Pacific 8181 West at North Powder. We took Oregon Highway 237 over Telocast Hill and on the way to Union we saw an eastbound Union Pacific auto train taking the grade up Telocast Hill in the now pouring rain. From Union we took Oregon Highway 203 into La Grande but stopped for another train in the rain.

Union Pacific 7696 East near La Grande. We stopped for gas before Bob led me up into the Blue Mountains. We passed a westbound stack train at Hilgard being passed by an eastbound UP train and we got off at Exit 243 and set up off the road bridge there.

Union Pacific 4934 West climbing towards Mecham. I followed Bob to our next photo location.

Union Pacific 4934 West at Mecham. We continued our chase.

Union Pacific 4934 West between Mecham and Kamela.

Union Pacific 4934 West at Kamela. From here Bob followed me down the grade of the Blue Mountains.

The view as we dropped off the Blue Mountains. Bob followed me down to the rest area before the I 84/I 82 interchange and we said our goodbyes there. Bob would head back to Bend and I was on my way to Pasco. I took I 82 north across the Columbia River into Washington then took US 395 on into Pasco where I exited on North 4th Street. Coming down 4th Street going south I had to pull over for a set of pictures.

Northern Pacific 1534 and a BN Caboose were on display here.

Northern Pacific 1534.

The BN Caboose. I then found the road I needed to get me to the collection that the museum has.

Washington State Railroads Historical Society Museum Collection 6/18/2011

The first picture is of a small switcher.

An early tank car Fire Patrol.

A bulk head flat car.

Another tank car.

Union Pacific Box Car 913039.

BN Box Car 250867.

A Union Pacific Flat Car.

A white box car.

Relco 1040, an Alco S-2 Switcher, built in the 1940s for the Los Angeles Junction Railway.

SP&S Box Car 13000.

Another flat car.

"C-20" A 36 Ft. steel, Spokane International caboose, built in 1942.

A former BN Box Car.

Flat cars 1010 A.

Two more flat cars.

A baggage/RPO car.

5933 a GP-7 built in 1951 for the U.S. Army, used on the Hanford site for most of its life.

Former BN Caboose 10948.

"315" A 24 Ft. wood, Great Northern transfer caboose.

Another flat car.

Another small diesel switcher Neil F. Lampson.

A Union Pacific Sleeper.

Ex GN Boiler Car NCBX 502.

Passenger Cars.

RPCX 9154.

NR 9318

Baggage Car.

Via Rail of Canada Club Richelieu.

Three ex Chicago & North Western bi-level commuter coaches. This brings us to the end of our personal tour of the unique collection of railroad equipment that the Washington State Railroads Historical Society Museum has. I would like to thank them for letting me see it today.

On to Yakima.

My first stop was for a view of the BNSF Engine Facility in Pasco. I then crossed the Yakima River and went into Kennewick to find the Northern Pacific station there.

The Northern Pacific Station in Kennewick. From there I took Interstate 82 west to Yakima where I first go off at Terrence Height Road and went into Sarge Barge Park to find the Washington State Merci Car.

The Washington State Merci Car.

The plaque for the Washington State Merci Car. Now I will show you all the plaques on the Washington State Merci Car.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Washington State Merci Car. From here I drove to the Motel 6 in Yakima for the night.