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Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine & Steam Train June 21, 2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

After that fantastic private tour of the Pioneer Coal Mine, I was going to have to wait until 11:15 AM to ride the train. I heard a whistle and I saw the steam train approaching.

The train pulling into the boarding to take on water.

Two views of the Henry Coal #1 built by Vulcan Iron Works Wilkes-Barre, PA in 1927.

A mine car full of coal.

Pieces of coal and a piece of a petrified tree.

Hard coal rollers.

A mine lockey.

View of things on display.

The rear of the steam train where I would be riding on my trip.

More of the displays.

The Henry Coal taking on water.

The firebox of the Henry Coal.

The first group heads into the Pioneer Coal Mine on their tour. I walked back to my rental car to get my computer but first decided to walk up the hill to the mine train display.

The mine train.

The mine train engine. From here I picked up my computer to get the Pioneer Mine tour pictures in my computer. I sat at a table under an umbrella and just got them all in when it was time to board the train. I was the only passenger who opted for the caboose and I took the last seat to take pictures as we headed down the tracks.

The Steam Train Trip

After all the passengers had boarded, we started back down the tracks.

The train ran between the Lockey Shop and the Car/Mine Train Shop.

The Lockey Shop. The train stopped here for a few minutes.

Our engineer shovels coal onto the engine for use on our trip.

The switch to the car shop.

The Little Diamond Mine.

Views as we head down the rails.

The train stopped at this viewpoint to look down on Ashland and a talk was given about the Centralia Fire.

Note the wind generating towers on the ridgeline.

More views as we travel down the rails.

The train has come to the end of track. Here we detrained to see the view and was given another talk.

The train at the end of the track.

The Henry Coal #1.

The rear of the train where I rode.

The view at the end of the line.

An example of a bootlegger coal mine.

The open air coal mine. From there we reboarded the train and headed back to the boarding area. I thanked everyone for the great mine tour and steam train ride. From here I drove back down PA 61 to St. Clair to stop at Walmart to pick up something I needed and then drove north on Interstate 81 all the way to Scranton.