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Pennsylvania Railroad Museum 4/9/2007

by Chris Guenzler

After walking around and photographing the Strasburg Railroad from across the highway on a very cold and windy morning, I decided to warm up and visit the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum.

I went inside the front door, paid my fare and went inside the Hall of Railroading to start my tour.

Pennsylvania Railroad 4-4-0 1223.

Pennsylvania Railroad 4-4-4 7002.

Pennsylvania Power Light Company 0-8-0F.

Reading Company no. 1251.

Virginia and Truckee Tahoe.

Pennsylvania Railroad 4-6-0 5791.

Pennsylvania Railroad 0-6-0 1670.

Pennsylvania Railroad E-7 5901.

Pennsylvania Railroad E44 4465.

Pennsylvania Railroad GP-9 7006.

Conrail GP-30 2233.

John Bull Replica.

Pennsylvania Railroad 2-8-0 1187.

Pennsylvania Railroad DD-1 3937-3936.

Bethlehem Steel 0-4-0F 111.

Coudesport and Port Allegheny snowplow.

Pennsylvania Railroad 2-8-0 2846.

Line of freight cars.

Fruit Growers Express 57708.

Olomona 0-2-0 1883 from Oahu.

Pennsylvania Railroad B-1 5690.

Heisler 4.

Moore, Keppel and Company Climax 4.

Leetona Railway Shay 1.

Next, I walked across the bridge in the middle of the museum for some views looking down.

Pennsylvania Railroad 1157.

General views from the bridge. I wanted to go outside to see the rest of their collection but the door was locked. I went back to the front and was told the person who mans that door was on his way and I went in search of him.

On the way there, I photographed Lewisburg, Milton and Watsontown Railbus 20. No one was at that door so I walked all the way back up to the lobby where I found the door man. We walked back through the museum and he let me go outside.

Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Caboose 508.

Reading Observation Car 1.

Lehigh Valley RDC 40.

Monongahela Railway Caboose 67.

SEPTA 247.

A Broadway Limited Observation Car. I went back to the door and received permission to go photograph the rest of their collection beyond the roped-off area.

A Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 being painted.

Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad 81.

0-6-0 13.

DOT 0013.

Nickel Plate 2-8-4 751.

MCRR C-415 761.

Baldwin Locomotive 1200.

Conrail 45210.

Amtrak E-60 603.

Capitoliner 6 with SEPTA 2416.

Pennsylvania Railroad 2-8-2 520. I thanked my host for letting me get these pictures before walking back through the building to the lobby and out of the front door. I still had four more locomotives in front of the building to photograph.

Pennsylvania Railroad 4-4-2 460.

Pennsylvania Railroad 4-8-2 6675.

Pennsylvania Railroad 4-6-2 3750.

Pennsylvania Railroad 2-8-0. This completes my coverage of this fascinating and completely interesting visit to the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum. Now it was time to walk across the highway to ride the Strasburg Railroad.

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