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The Platte Valley Trolley in Denver 7/11/2009

by Chris Guenzler

After I finished up at the Colorado Railroad Museum's 50th Birthday Celebration I drove into Denver and after trying to find the Platte Valley Trolley via their map on the web site so I used the Tourist Train Book directions and found the loading location at the Children Museum. I went inside the Museum and bought my ticket before walking out to the boarding area. Just as I got there, the Trolley went by with the conductor saying "We'll be back at 2:10 PM". I decided to take a few pictures before they got there.

Elitch Gardens former Six Flags Denver is across the Platte River from the Platte River Trolley Route.

Looking south down the tracks.

The Platte River Trolley came into the station at the Children Museum. This trolley is a replica of a turn of the century, open-air "breezer". I gave the conductor my ticket who punched it and I boarded Car 1977. They us a board as a way to keep passengers inside the car from falling out.

A rebuilt wooden roller coaster at the park.

Invesco Field at Mile High is home of the Denver Broncos.

The Platte River.

The old Power Plant.

At the south end of the line you stand up and they flip the seats so you ride forward the entire trip.

Another view of the old power plant.

Interstate 25 Bridge.

Two views of the Denver Skyline.

Running along the Platte River.

Another view of Elitch Gardens.

A bike/walking path next joined our route.

The tower at Elitch Gardens.

Downtown Denver. The Trolley reached the north end and we were allowed to get off for a few minutes. Behind a fence a couple of things caught my eye.

Santa Fe Caboose 933010.

U.S.A. 7765.

Car 1977.

Downtown Denver after the seats had been flipped. The Trolley headed south again.

Confluence Park where people swim in the Platte River.

The Platte River with Elitch Gardens across it.

Elitch Gardens and Invesco Field behind.

The Pepsi Center home of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche.

Three views of this beautiful Car 1977. I left the Platte River Trolley and as I got on Interstate 25 I looked at the sky which was black with lightning strikes to be seen. As I left the Denver region I ran into the worst thunderstorm in years. Interstate 25 got down to 10 MPH in places with plenty of water on the pavement. I managed to catch up to a southbound Union Pacific coal train in a heavy shower and got off the freeway south of Castle Rock and pulled off the side road backing in with a good view of the tracks. As the train neared I rolled down the window for a picture.

The Camera stayed dry but the inside of the door got wet as I shot this UP loaded coal train from the Powder River Basin. From there I went to Palmer Lake and waited until at least one train came along.

This BNSF empty coal train is heading back to the Powder River Basin. Through more heavy thunderstorms I headed to the Motel 6 in Colorado Springs and checked in for the night. Tomorrow, the Leadville Train and the Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad.