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The NRHS Pocono Express 6/24/2010

by Chris Guenzler

I had another breakfast of a waffle and crispy bacon before I went back up to my Room to check things on the Internet. At 7:00 AM I went down to the boarding area finding some of my close friends which I joined. The train came in late again and the usual two doors boarding for coach. This train had a consist of RS-3s 4118, 4013 and 4068, Lehigh Valley 353, NKP 211 City of Lima, Combine CNJ 303, Coaches CNJ 1126 and 1157, DL&W 550, 589, CNJ 1152 and DL&W 335. I took a seat in the DL&W 335 right in front of Bart Jennings who opened all the windows in the car. Once everyone was aboard and all orders going we departed Scranton for the Delaware Water Gap.

The train climbed the grade out of Scranton running through Nay Aug Park before we ran through the Nay Aug Tunnel. Near the old location we detrained for the first photo runby of the day.

Back up move 1.

Photo Runby 1.

The group waits to reboard the train. The train then continued up the grade.

Elmer Reservoir Dam.

Two views of Elmer Reservoir.

The Moscow Freight Station.

The Moscow Station.

A small pond along our route.

The forest we pass through climbing the grade.

Views of Larsen Lake.

The Goldsboro Station.

Goldsboro Lake.

Tobyhanna Tower before we passed the Tobyhanna Army Depot.

Pocono Summit Lake.

Poconos Summit Depot.

The train rolling down the grade to the Delaware River.

Paradise Crossing Depot.

Crossing a stream.

Two views as we roll down the grade.

An industry as we neared Strousbough.

Here we found CN 3254 which would pull us back to Scranton later on during the trip.

Two views of the fire damaged Strousbough Station.

Our route crossed the stream again.

The East Strousbough Station is in pretty bad shape. The train continued to the Delaware River

Two views of the Delaware Water Gap.

Three views of the Delaware River with New Jersey across it.

The kids fell in off of this raft when they saw our train.

A look back towards the Delaware Water Gap.

This is as far as our trip went. We waited for the CN 3254 to back to us as well as the RS-3s to run around the train before our trip back to Scranton could begin.

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