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Southern Pacific 4449, SP&S 700, Speeders and the Willamette Shore Trolley 6/10/2006

by Chris Guenzler

An Southern Pacific 4449 Encounter

We got up at 6:00 AM and were all in the car at 6:30 AM for the drive to the ex Southern Pacific Brooklyn Yard. We took 82nd Street south to Holgate Street and when we crossed the bridge over the yard, we got our first view of Southern Pacific 4449 and train. Jim parked the car before we walked up on the bridge. This was at 6:50 AM with Southern Pacific 4449 on the turntable.

The Southern Pacific 4449 and train.

Southern Pacific 4449 on the turntable.

View of the complete train set.

NKP RSD5 324.

Southern Pacific 4449 and train.

The Union Pacific then got busy, first came this northbound.

A second UP northbound.

Cascade Talgo 500 came north next.

A while later, a former patched SP switcher.

Next a UP southbound freight and that was followed by another northbound UP freight.

Southern Pacific 4449 ready to move finally at 9:58 AM.

Southern Pacific 4449 backing up starting its trip to Sherwood.

Southern Pacific 4449 now moving forward down a yard lead.

Southern Pacific stopped to throw a switch to continue through the yard.

Southern Pacific 4449 at rest before it pulled up.

Southern Pacific 4449 now has gone under the Holgate Bridge.

Southern Pacific 4449 moving south slowly.

A Great Northern Caboose.

Great Northern F-3A 274.

It was now 10:20 AM and we got in the car and drove to Lake Oswego where we found a nice grade crossing among the million dollar homes on North Shore Drive. Our presence there attracted all kinds of attention with people stopping to asking us what was coming. By that time, at 12:05 PM, we had a large crowd waiting for Southern Pacific 4449. When the engine's whistle was finally heard, the crowd was excited and a few minutes later, Southern Pacific 4449 came into view and there was a smile on every face, both young and old!

Southern Pacific 4449 and train passed the North Shore Drive grade crossing. Satisfied with our results, we drove to Oaks Park for our next steam train encounter of the day.

Spokane, Portland and Seattle 700 Train Ride 6/10/2006

We pulled into Oaks Amusement Park parking lot and then walked across the street to buy our tickets for the SP&S 700 1:00 PM trip. Chris bought mine plus speeder tickets for all four of us at 2:00 PM. Needing a bathroom, I walked into the Amusement Park where I found a miniature train that runs through the amusement park.

The miniature train that runs through the Amusement Park. I walked over to wait for the return of the 12 PM SP&S 700.

The train had SP&S 4-8-4 700, PRPX 9477 Coach/Combine ex Via Rail, Great Northern Empire Builder 1210 Plum Creek PRPX 800245, and Samtrak Caboose/Open Air Car 900. SP&S 700 then backed the train into the loading area. The noon passengers unloaded before the 1:00 PM passengers boarded. Jim and I got cupola seats in the caboose.

The SP&S 700 train started by backing north.

We ran along Oaks Bottom Lake.

Looking north down our route with a bike path running alongside.

Oaks Bottom Lake.

The SP&S 700 pushing our train north.

View looking down our route.

Our train about to run under the Ross Island Bridge.

We ran to the north end of our route at SE Taggat Street.

The SP&S 700 then started back south towards Oaks Park.

Back under the Ross Island Bridge heading south.

Ross Island Bridge.

The SP&S 700 took the big curve on our route today.

The Willamette River.

Straight running along the Bike Path.

Returning by the Speeders and the loading area.

Oaks Amusement Park.

Running to the south end of our route.

Chris Parker in the cupola.

Returning to the loading area. We arrived back and then unloaded to get some pictures of SP&S 700.

SP&S 4-8-4 700 between trips.

The Speeder Ride 6/10/2006

After the SP&S 700 left for its 2 PM run, it was time for our speeder ride south with Kevin Novack.

Our trip started with us backing out of the siding.

Our speeder now out on the line will pull south after all the others are out of the siding and the switch thrown.

Bob was in the speeder in front of me.

Heading out onto more new trackage today.

Crossing SE Umatilla Street.

Crossing SE 14th Street.

Nearing the end of our speeder route.

Kevin Novak's Speeder

At the south end of our route, I was switched to Rob Baur's Speeder.

Passing some freight cars.

Running north.

Back to the loading area. I thanked both speeder operators then went to get the SP&S 700 returning.

SP&S 700 running by the loading area.

The engineer of the SP&S 700.

I walked under the tracks for these views of the SP&S 700.

On the way back to the car, one more view of the SP&S 700.

After leaving, we drove back to where I saw old streetcar tracks in the street. From there, we drove back to Lake Oswego and bought tickets for the 4:00 PM run north on the Willamette Shore Trolley. Chris and I walked over to the Tillamook Restaurant for some food to go and ate it minutes before our trip was to start.

Willamette Shore Trolley Trip 6/10/2006

We all boarded Portland Streetcar 813. I had ridden this line but for my other three friends it would be their first trip. I rode this line and documented it in my Lewis and Clark Explorer Story on my web site and my earlier book. We passed the car house before passing through that nice dark and cool tunnel. I was in relax mode on this trip.

The curved trestle on the line.

Jim and Chris at the now shorter end of the route.

The Portland Streetcar 813 reached the north end of the line where we detrained for pictures. We all reboarded and had a relaxing trip back to Lake Oswego.

The Southern Pacific 4449 at Sherwood 6/10/2006

After the trolley ride, we drove out to Sherwood to see the Southern Pacific 4449. The activities were over before we arrived and we had no problems finding the Southern Pacific 4449 at Sherwood.

Southern Pacific 4449 at Sherwood. I then went into the Southern Pacific 4449 cab.

The SP Sunset Symbol on the wooden floor of the Southern Pacific 4449.

The Southern Pacific 4449 Engineer Controls.

The Southern Pacific 4449 Firemen Controls.

The middle view inside the Southern Pacific 4449.

Me in the Engineer's Seat of the Southern Pacific 4449.

One last view of the Southern Pacific 4449 at Sherwood.

Southern Pacific 4449 Builders Plate. We then went to Shari Restaurant for dinner. After dinner Chris realized that he had left his jacket back at the SP&S 700. They went into a Baskin Robbins for ice cream while I planned a route back to Oaks Park. We drove back which did not take all that long to get there.

A few more views of the great SP&S 700. I found Chris' jacket at the boarding area lost and found. We all returned to the Days Inn for our last night in Portland. Cal State Fullerton beat Missouri 9-1 to advance to the College World Series. I wrote today's story before calling it a night.

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