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The trip Home from Denver via Raton Part 3

My latest trip aboard the Southwest Chief

by Chris Guenzler

The Southwest Chief has left Needles and started up the grade towards the summit at Goffs.

The Dead Mountains will be off to right until we get to Ibis and turn west.

The Dead Mountains.

The Sacramento Mountains to the west of the train climbing out of Needles.

The Dead Mountains near Java.

Looking back down at the Colorado River with the Black Mountains in Arizona.

Piute Wash with the Dead Mountains.

The Dead Mountains.

The Piute Mountains.

Interesting rock near Ibis.

The Dead Mountains.

The mainlines split from Ibis to Homer where US Highway 95 crosses the BNSF tracks.

Sacramento Mountains to the south of our train.

Homer Mountains to the north of our train.

Looking back at Homer where the tracks rejoin with the Dead Mountains behind.

The Homer Mountains.

The Homer Mountains heads off to the northwest.


Fenner Hills.

The Fenner Hills with the Providence Mountains behind.

A ridge from the Piute Mountains.

Piute Mountains along with the Old Woman Mountains.

Piute Mountains.

Fenner Hills with the Providence Mountains.

A hill along the route near Fenner.

View from Fenner with the Fenner Hills behind.

The train passed under Interstate 40 and headed for the gap between the Clipper Mountains and Providence Mountains.

The Providence Mountains.

The Clipper Mountains.

The Old Woman Mountains.

Danby on the old Route 66.

The car is on old Route 66.


Looking back to the northeast.

A butte with the Old Woman Mountains behind.

View of the ridge to the southeast.

The Old Woman Mountains.

Clipper Mountains.

The southwest end of the Old Woman Mountains.

Clipper Mountains.

View looking out the Amboy Valley with the Calumet and Bullion Mountains behind.

Amboy Carter many miles to the west along our route.

The train has reached Cadiz with the wye and interchange with the Arizona & California Railroad.

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