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Rock City 8/20/2007

by Chris Guenzler

Our next Lookout Mountain attraction to visit was Rock City. After looking at their web site, this was on attraction I had to do.

You walk into the park and pass through an area with shops and food available before you enter Rock City.

The first thing you view is the Waterfall and Waterwheel.

The Grand Corridor.

The Gnome Underpass.

A plaque along my route.

Another view of the Gnome Underpass.

One last view of the Gnome Underpass.

Rock City, "What's in a name!"

Walking through the Needles Eye.

I made it through the Needle Eye.

Deer Park but the deer were in the shade on this extremely hot and humid afternoon.

The Toadstool.

Gnomes Overpass.

The nice stone walkway through Rock City that one follows from point to point.

My walk passed through another tunnel.

There are two routes to Lover's Leap. I will take both.

A look down off of the path.

The Stone Bridge.

Shelter Cave.

The Swinging Bridge.

A view looking down from Rock City.

A view of the Stone Bridge.

Lover's Leap.

A look down at the pool below the High Fall.

Another look down High Fall.

The stone bridge above High Fall.

See Seven States marker.

A view towards Chattanooga.

US and State Flags.

A view along the cliff at Rock City.

View south into Georgia and where the NRHS TAG Trip will be going.

A look across Georgia towards South Carolina.

The view from Georgia back into Tennessee.

Another view of the flags. I continued on the trail and then went out through a tunnel to a fantastic view.

The view point and High Fall.

Rainbow Hall.

Lover's Leap.

Interesting Rock.

Chris Parker standing on Lover's Leap.

Balancing Rock.

The Underground Passage.

Hall of the Mountain King.

What a beautiful walk through Rock City.

The Magic Valley.

I passed through another tunnel before I entered Fairyland Caverns and we will look at the scenes.

This finished my walk through Fairyland Caverns. Now we return to daylight.

The Water Wheel.

The final picture I took at Rock City. Chris Parker and I next drove through the very beautiful neighborhood of Lookout Mountain to our last stop of the day Ruby Falls.