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Review of Steam Highlights of 2007 by Joe Harper

A fund raiser for the NRHS Chapter in Portland by Chris Guenzler

Joe Harper sent me this DVD to review and after one look I was really impressed. The video runs 119 minutes and shows 21 different steam locomotives. It starts out with the Niles Canyon Railway Photo Charter using engines Quincy Railroad 2-6-2T 2, Robert Dollar Co 1927 ALCO 2-6-2T 3 and Granite Rock Company 0-6-0T 10, a real tank steam engine feast. My personal favorite was triple photo runby 3 with a BNSF auto rack train passing behind. Next we go to the Huckleberry Railroad in Michigan for trains with USA 4-6-0 152 and Rio Grande Mudhen 453 really 464. The shots around the loop were excellent and makes me want to visit this railroad. The Pere Marquette 4-8-4 1225 the Polar Express engine is shown on a photo charter. The next segment was the Puget Sound Steam Special with UP 4-8-4 844 and SP 4449. A fun scene is when the SP 4449 is patched as UP 845. Several fantastic runbys including two scenes of the Cascade Talgos. The UP Heritage SP Daylight locomotive makes an appearance. The Chelatchie Prairie Railroad photo charter that Joe organized and run and I was there was excellent with the Crossett Western CO. 2-8-2 Saddletank 10 putting on a great show. The Milwaukee Road 261 is featured next on its June 2 & 3 Trip from Minnepolis to Duluth. Highlights are the train crossing the Kettle River Trestle and the Grassy Point Drawbridge were fantastic. Our next segment is the White Pass & Yukon Route with 2-6-2 73. Two fantastic runbys are at the Skagway River Bridge and an overview of Lake Bennet. These two runbys are a must to see. The US Army 2-8-0 610 at the NRHS Convention in Chattanooga, first we see it and get a cab ride at the Tennessee Railroad Museum. On the NRHS Sommerville Steam Trip we get the first photo runby, turntable at Sommerville then a fantastic shot with reflection crossing a steam. We return to Minnesota and Wisconsin for the CP 4-6-4 2816 visit this year. The first was scenes were a Photo Charter and a great shot was the hooping up of train orders at Dresser. Next the CP 2816 teamed up with the Milwaukee Road 261 double heading known as Thunder On The River. Highlights are the Mississippi River at Hastings, crossing the Black River and another great reflection shot at Maple Springs. I was on this trip at this brought back plenty of memories. We next head to Colorado for the La Veta Pass Photo Charter using the San Luis and Rio Grande 2-6-0 1744. Fantastic shots of this engine are included with the horseshoe curve providing fantastic views and sound. Next we got to a Photo Charter on the Durango and Silverton using 2-8-0 315. D&S engines 486, 481 and 478 also make appearance during the runbys with the 315. Great scenery in these shots in Colorado. We next head to the Cumbres And Toltec for a double headed trip up Cumbres Pass with the two K36's 487 and 488. The final scenes in this incredible DVD are of the Soo Line 2-6-2 1003 on a Photo Freight Charter. A fantastic reflection lake shot is included and Joe really gives you a great feel for all of these steam engines running in 2007.

The NRHS Chapter in Portland is getting a portion of this tape and will also benefit ORHF which is a separate organization raising funds for the future property and building of a home for the 4449 & 700. Our chapter has contributed funds to this organization and will do so again.

To order the great DVD

This 119 Minute Video is Now available in DVD or VHS format. It is fully edited. There is no music or voice overs. just the magic of the engines coming by and performing their "magic". The cost is $28 {includes Postage & Handling}. Checks or Money orders only! {No Credit Cards} Make checks or money Order payable to Joe Haper. Send orders specifying either DVD or VHS to the following address.

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