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The Remlinger Farm's Tolt River Railroad 8/03/2007

by Chris Guenzler

I arrived at the Remlinger Farms and was set up with Bonnie who took me to find Engineer Bob. Bob is also the Park Manager. We went in search of Bob.

The locomotive is a 4-4-0 highly modified Crown Metal Works Wyan, PA. The tunnel is also the storage shed for the train. He was not at the train so next we tried the shop.

In the shop a second 4-4-0 is being restored which Bob is working on.

We then walked around the park looking for Bob and finding him at one of the rides doing his Park Manager thing. I went back to the station to wait for him to return.

Bob then came and got me then we walked to the engine named Hank who is propane fueled 24 inch gauge. This engine came from the Idywild Park in Pennsylvania. It runs over mostly 20 pound rail most of which came from Michigan. The railroad was started here in 1993.

I got to see the inside of the locomotive cab. Bob spent some time polishing up his pride and joy. Bob invited me for a cab ride and had me operate the bell. We came out of the tunnel to the Tolt River Depot.

Passengers are loaded at the Tolt River Station.

View of some of the farm.

We started our trip.

The train ran by the original built car for the railroad.

The train was running along the north part of Remlinger Farm.

There is a boat in their lagoon with a definite Pirate flavor to it.

Our train was approaching the turn back loop.

As the switch points were being greased, I stepped off for a picture.

The train was rounding the turn back loop.

The former Milwaukee Road Trestle now a bike and hiking trail along the west side of the farm property.

Tolt River.

Running back towards the Tolt River Station.

The Tolt River came into view. Our train was running back along the Tolt River.

The train was approaching the station loop.

Our train was almost to the tunnel.

Our train was about to exit the tunnel before it pulled back into the Tolt River Station.

Pulling back into the Tolt River Station.

The train back at the Tolt River Station.

Bob was then posed by his wonderful engine. I thanked Bob for an excellent trip before I drove back to the Travelodge in Fife to relax for about forty minutes. On the way to Tacoma, I stopped by the Tacoma Rail Yard for a few pictures.

Tacoma Rail 2000.

Tacoma Rail 3001. I then made my way to the parking structure at Freight House Square then walked over to Amtrak Station to ride Cascade Talgo 506 to Seattle. At least that was what I was going to do. Walking into the station, I looked at the station monitor that had this message. "Due to mechanical issues all local train service is canceled. I went and talked to the Amtrak Agent. They had found cracks on the brackets that hold the tilting device on the Talgo. He refunded my ticket and I then sat down to think about it. Standardization of equipment is fantastic when it all works but to have no sort of back up equipment to continue to provide train service is ridiculous. Talk about losing revenue! I walked over to ride the Tacoma Light Rail.

The Tacoma Light Rail pulled into the Freight House Station. After a relaxing trip over the line I returned to the Travelodge and made a pair of phone calls. Next I drove back to Tacoma, parked in the new parking lot across from my next train ride.