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Riverside and Great Northern Railway

by Chris Guenzler

I pulled into the parking lot after following the directions from their web site and parked the rental car.

I took this picture on the way to find Dale who would be my guide around the railroad.

The Hyde Park Station where I first asked about Dale and was sent to the Ticket Office/Gift Store. After walking back to the Hyde Park Station and then I saw someone walking behind the Hoist Building and I asked if he had seen Dale and it turned out to be Dale. He then started to show me around this 15 inch gauge railroad.

The first place we visited was the Hoist Shop.

This is the Boiler/Welding Shop.

The Roundhouse Turntable.

Ballast Car.

Engines inside the Roundhouse.

Coaling Tower.

Garden Equipment Room.

A Homebuilt Speeder.

Dale's work station.

More equipment.

A small model railroad.

Turntable used to turn engine after each trip.

Water Tower.

Car Shop and ticket Office.

The Hoist Shop.

Stand up boiler and water car made out of a Kentucky Wiskey Barrel.

In the back of the Car Shop.

View of grounds.

CP Rail Diesel.

The train came in from its 1:00 PM Run and with it came a thunderstorm.

The engine had cut off of its train and has come around the Hyde Park Station on its way to be turned on the Turntable.

The engine being turned on the Turntable.

The engine now heads for the water tower.

The Engine taking water.

The engine then took its place on the head of our train. I boarded the last car and sat with the conductor for the trip to the end of the line. At 2:00 PM the train whistled off and I started my trip on the Riverside and Great Northern Railway.

The train took a curve once out of the Shop Area.

Our route takes us through the forest.

There are many interesting rock formations along this line.

Passing through the forest.

The train took another curve.

The Wisconsin River that formed the Wisconsin Dells.

The train crossed this bridge where there was once a fill that got washed out in a matter of minutes during a storm a few years back.

View looking back.

The train has reached the run around track the engine will use after it gets turned on the turntable here.

All passengers then get off the train and have a seat while the engineer explains how a steam engine works.


The engine is turned on the turntable at the end of the line.

The engine then heads to the other end of the train for the trip back.

Two views before we started back.

Heading back.

Coming onto the bridge.

The view off of the bridge.

Rolling through the forest.

Circus World in Baraboo has an ad.

On the way back!

The coaling tower came into view.

The train has returned to the Hyde Park Station ending our trip.

One last picture and I was off to the rental car. I would like to thank the Riverside and Great Northern Railway for the excellent trip they gave me this afternoon. I got in the rental Car and headed for Interstate 90/94 which I took west. When I got near Eau Claire on Interstate 94 the sky decided once again to dump rain on me. It stopped just before the exit to Wisconsin Highway 40 which I drove north to Colfax on to my last train thing of the day.

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