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Steamy Sunday at the Riverside Live Steamers and Orange Empire Railway Museum 2/22/2009

by Chris Guenzler

I was picked up by Larry Borneo and Chris Parker and we drove out to Riverside with our first stop at the former Union Pacific Station.

The former Union Pacific Station in Riverside is now the Coffee Depot.

The former Santa Fe Station in Riverside is now two other business. We drove to a 7-11 for snacks before I showed Chris and Larry where the Union Pacific tracks in Riverside used to go through town. From there we drove to Hunter Park home of the Riverside Live Steamers. They operate two miles of tracks and only steam engines are allowed to run at this operation.

The entrance to the shop area as we parked.

I managed to get on the first train of the day. There is no photography allowed from the train so I enjoyed my first run over their tracks. After a nice ride throughout the park, the train returned to the station where I got off and Larry got on. Now for some pictures.

The picture of the engine that took me on my trip.

They have a wig wag that protects a crossing.

Another view of that engine.

The pop off valve went off right before the next train's departure.

The next run departs the station.

Here comes the train.

Larry enjoying his ride.

Passing the wig wag.

A few minutes later the train came by my next photo location.

The train circled the soccer field and was on its way to my next photo location.

The train passed my next photo location.

Two more engines came out to run on this rail line.

The train passed by my next photo location. Chris, Larry and I went to board the next train but it was filled with passengers. Another train came and we asked the owner if we could ride his train which he said yes. This engine ran fast and sounded the most real of any of the engines I had seen here today. We caught up to the train in front and had to stop to let him get in front of us with some distance. At the yard we had some cars for a birthday train which he would pull next.

View of trains in the yard.

Back at the station they set up a double headed train to run next. We next visited the shop area.

The storage area for the cars and engines.

They have a transfer table to move their equipment about.

A Santa Fe engine is being worked on.

More equipment stored indoors.

A Shay engine is being worked on.

Another engine being worked on.

A Northern Pacific Engine not in use today.

This is the new storage building.

Looking down the transfer table.

The members confer on an engine.

The table used to unload the engines from the trucks onto the table tracks.

An Eagle Scout Project is this new station shelter.

Two more views of trains before we left the Riverside Live Steamers and headed to the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris.

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