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More pictures from the Rocky Mountaineer Day 1 Vancouver to Kamloops 4/17/2001

by Chris Guenzler

This page has additional pictures so you can see more of the Rocky Mountaineer route from Vancouver to Kamloops.

The Rocky Mountaineer getting ready to leave the Via Vancouver Station on a very wet morning

GP-40-3 8013 sole power for our train.

Pulling out of a rainy Vancouver.

Skytrain meets the BNSF and our Rocky Mountaineer.

Crossing the Fraser River at New Westminster.

Further east we crossed the Fraser River again at Mission City to reach the Canadian Pacific Mainline.

Curving onto the CP Mainline. All eastbound trains take the CP Rail Line east to Basque while westbound trains take the Canadian National.

Three views of Harrison Bay.

A CP Rail westbound train across the Fraser River on the Canadian National tracks.

The lower Fraser River Canyon.

A view looking across the Fraser River.

The view along our train.

The rear of our train exiting a tunnel.

A rear looking view.

Interesting rocks above our train.

Deeper into the Fraser River Canyon that we traveled as the rain let up.

A great view looking towards the front of our train.

Looking across the river a tunnel on the CN line.

Crossing one of the many creeks entering the Fraser River.

Looking back at that last bridge we crossed.

The view towards Hells Gate.

A look at my coach for this fantastic trip.

CP 9620 East at North Bend.

CN 2616 East also at North Bend.

Rolling through the Fraser River Canyon along the slide detector fences.

The Cisco Bridges where both the CP and CN changes sides of the Fraser River Canyon.

The CN crosses the Fraser River at the junction of the Thompson River. Now we will follow the river into the Thompson River Canyon.

The Thompson River Canyon.

Interesting rock strata in the Thompson River Canyon.

The Painted Canyon section of the Thompson River Canyon.

Multiple tunnels on the CN line. The CN was built through the canyon years after the CP line.

The Thompson River Canyon is really beautiful.

Our train curved through the canyon.

Views looking ahead and back at our train. Below is the Trans Canadian Highway 1.

The views just keep getting better.

I love the color of the Thompson River.

A view looking towards the front of our train.


Our train takes another curve.

Tunnels on the CN line.

Another view up the Thompson River Canyon.

Another curve, another view.

Skoonka Tunnels on the CN line.

The view ahead!

The train continued to head east.

The Murray Creek Waterfall dropped into the Thompson River Canyon.

The canyon walls were getting interesting.

A CN train rolling west on their railroad.

Our train looked great heading east.

Looking back with the Jasper section bringing up the train's markers.

More tunnels on the CN. Westbound I would be taking that route back to Vancouver.

The CN tunnels continue in this view.

A beautiful train on a beautiful day.

Love the blue in the Thompson River.

Rolling east along the Thompson River on a fantastic afternoon.

A look back with Hoodoos above the train.

CN 2532 West makes as wait to enter the CN mainline again at Basque.

Switching railroads at CP Rail Basque where we left the Canadian Pacific.

Our train entered the CN mainline at CN Coho.

With the CP mainline above us we continued east along the Thompson River.

Our train about to enter the Black Canyon of the Thompson River.

Having left Black Canyon we continued east along the Thompson River with the CP mainline across the water.

The Rocky Mountaineer about to enter a tunnel along the Thompson River.

The wind blowing the dust off the canyon walls.

Our train crossing the Thompson River once more.

Blue water and white clouds makes for a fantastic scenes aboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

Another crossing of the Thompson River.

Kamloops Lake.

The CN runs along the north shore and the CP runs along the south shore of Kamloops Lake.

Kamloops Lake as we close in on Kamloops our overnight stop.

The Rocky Mountaineer has a fleet of buses to take the passengers to their hotel rooms for the night.

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