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Day 2 additional pictures Rocky Mountaineer Kamloops to Calgary 4/18/2001

by Chris Guenzler

Additional pictures to the scenic trip from Kamloops to Calgary.

The next morning I bussed back to the train to start another great day on the Rocky Mountaineer. A classic bus I got to ride in.

Our Calgary section now with two engines ready for boarding.

A railroad exhibit in Kamloops.

Our train headed out onto the CP Rail mainline to start our day's run to Calgary.

Interesting scene of the Campbell Bluff in the South Thompson River Valley.

Beautiful scene along the South Thompson River.

A look back to the northwest as we rolled east.

Another view in the South Thompson River Valley.

As we climbed up Notch Hill a view looking back north at Shuswap Lake.

Our train climbing Notch Hill.

Notch Hill.

Shuswap Lake.

Our train running along the shore of Shuswap Lake.

Craigellachie, the location where the Canadian Pacific was completed.

The marker at Craigellachie tells that the Canadian Pacific was completed here on November 7th, 1885.

We meet CP 5234 West at Taft on the climb to the divide at Clanwilliam that separates the Eagle River drainage from the Columbia River drainage.

Three Valley Lake.

The Enchanted Forest Amusement Park.

Passing the iced over Tumtum Lake.

Our train crossed the Columbia River just west of Revelstroke.

The Railroad Museum at Revelstroke.

The Canadian Pacific Parade Train.

Starting the climb up Rogers Pass.

I really enjoyed the vestibule that one can enjoy on the Rocky Mountaineer.

Our train climbing Rogers Pass.

Trans Canadian Highway 1 passing through a snowshed.

Our train entering a snowshed.

The train through Glacier during a brief snowstorm.

The train approaching the Stoney Creek Bridge.

Crossing the Stoney Creek Bridge.

The view looking up Stoney Creek.

Crossing Raspberry Creek.

Rogers where the new line through the Mt Macdonald Tunnel Line meets the original CP line.

The Columbia River again after it flowed north while we crossed Rogers Pass.

The beautiful colors of the Columbia River.

A look to the southeast with the river in the foreground.

More views along the Columbia River before the train reached Golden.

The City of Golden Campground that we used to stay at when I was a kid.

Entering the Kicking Horse River Canyon.

The train twisted and turned as it climbed along the Kicking Horse River.

The colorful green waters of the Kicking Horse River.

The many views of the Kicking Horse River Canyon.

View of Mt Burgess ahead of our train.

Taking a curve with Mt Burgess in view.

Mt Stephen as the train approached Fields, our train crew changing location.

CP 9526 East waited at Fields for us to leave.

Mt Fields.

Our train climbing Kicking Horse Pass.

Exiting a tunnel and snowshed.

The train curved into another tunnel.

Our train enters the Lower Spiral Tunnel.

The beautiful peaks of the Canadian Rockies.

Looking back down on the track we came into the Lower Spiral Tunnel on.

Entering the Upper Spiral Tunnel.

Looking down the mountain at the Lower Spiral Tunnel.

Mt Fields.

Mt Niblock.

Kicking Horse Pass with Mt Fields.

Vanguard Mountain.

Running below beautiful mountains.

The late day sun showing through the clouds over the beautiful peaks.

The train along the Bow River at the Morant Curve.

The sun, the mountains and Chris having a fantastic time aboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

The peaks with a bit of clouds.

Castle Mountain we passed along our route.

An interesting peak.

The peaks to the north.

A look back at our train and the peaks.

A lake with the mountains reflecting in the water.

The town of Banff, Alberta.

The CP Station at Banff. Here the majority of our train detrained to enjoy Banff and the surrounding area.

The peaks standing against the sky.

A lone peak on a ridge.

Our train passed a frozen lake.

Passing another lake on our way east.

The Rocky Mountaineer closing in on Calgary in the last light of the day. Off to the hotel for the night and wondering what kind of weather I will have on the westbound trip back to Vancouver tomorrow.

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