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Picture Page Rocky Mountaineer Day 3 Calgary to Kamloops 4/19/2001

by Chris Guenzler

When I looked out my window first thing in the morning and was greeted with clear skies, I knew that I was in for a fantastic day of views and picture taking aboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

Once on the move on this wonderfully clear morning we met CP 9512 East just west of Calgary.

The Bow River with the Canadian Rockies ahead of our train.

Ghost Reservoir.

Our train near Ozada.

The Canadian Rockies, full speed ahead!

A beautiful view ahead of our train.

Peaks to the northwest.

A very beautiful colorful scene.

Elk near Banaff.

A stunning peak.

What a fantastic view!

A peak to the north.

A peak to the south.

The Three Sisters.

Peaks to the south.

More peaks ahead on the left.

More peaks to the south.

Impressive to the north!

Look at what's ahead of our train.

The clouds really add to the pictures.

The nice valley floor our train runs through following the Bow River.

Another forward view. It doesn't get any better than this!

Interesting vegetation in the lake we passed by.

Our engineer must really love his job with the ever changing views on each trip that he makes on the Rocky Mountaineer.

Running along the Bow River.

View of the trees along our route.

The mountain with the clouds streaming off of it is really a unique view.

Castle Peak as we approached it.

A few minutes later, a side view of Castle Peak.

Our train took the Morant Curve on this beautiful day.

The peaks kept my interest the whole morning.

The station at Lake Louise.

Passenger Cars at the Lake Louise Station.

More fantastic peaks.

The line separation west of Lake Louise.


Our route continued to climb towards Kicking Horse Pass.

Closing in on the top of the pass.

Another beautiful peak.

Getting near the top of Kicking Horse Pass.

Our train has reached Stephen siding.

Our train at the west switch of Stephen, the siding at the top of Kicking Horse Pass, before we started down towards Fields.

Kicking Horse Pass.

The summit ridge of the Canadian Rockies and Continental Divide.

The view looking back from where we had been.

The view looking north where the Ice Field Highway goes.

Looking west down the mountain towards Fields.

Exiting the Lower Spiral Tunnel.

Ice Falls on the west side of Kicking Horse Pass.

Another view inside of my coach.

A westbound trip through the Kicking Horse River Canyon.

Curving into Golden.

Rolling west along the Columbia River.

The Columbia River and more peaks.

CP 9644 West at Redgrave.

Our train entering the Calamity Tunnel.

The Columbia River at Beavermouth.

CP 9611 East at Rogers.

Stoney Creek Bridge through the brushes.

Mt Tupper.

Looking back as we climbed Rogers Pass.

Entering the Connaught Tunnel.

Exiting the Connaught Tunnel.

The West Portal of the Mt Macdonald Tunnel.

Descending Rogers Pass.

Entering a snowshed.

Exiting a snowshed.

Snowshed on the Trans Canadian Highway 1.

Our train continued down the west slope of Rogers Pass.

Rolling west towards Revelstroke.

Crossing the Columbia River west of Revelstroke.

Kay Falls.

Sicamous, the houseboat capitol of British Colombia.

Running along the Salmon Arm of Shuswap Lake.

The Salmon Arm Canadian Pacific Station.

Our train on Notch Hill.

Sunset along the South Thompson River as we closed in on Kamloops.

Our train has arrived at Kamloops for the night. What a great day I had riding aboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

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