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Picture Page Rocky Mountaineer Day 4 Kamloops to Vancouver 4/20/2001

by Chris Guenzler

When I walked out of my hotel this morning and was greeted with clear skies, I knew that I was in for another fantastic day of views and picture taking aboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

Crossing the South Thompson River.

A church just north of Kamloops.

Running along Kamloops Lake.

Another view along Kamloops Lake.

CN 5420 East at Savona.

Entering the Thompson River Canyon.

Interesting rock strata along the Thompson River.

Our train taking a curve in the Thompson River Canyon.

Running west on the CN along the Thompson River.

Our train entering tunnels in the Thompson River Canyon.

A look back.

Running by a slide zone.

The blue Thompson River.

The river has sure cut down through the rock levels.

Rapids in the Thompson River.

The big blue Thompson River takes a turn.

Our train entering the Painted Canyon region of the Thompson River Canyon.

Our train passing through Painted Canyon.

More blue waters of the Thompson River.

At the junction of the Fraser and Thompson Rivers can you tell which waters came from the Thompson River?

The muddy Fraser River with our CN bridge we would cross just ahead.

A look back up the Fraser River.

Approaching the twin railroad bridges at Cisco.

The CP Bridge from the CN Bridge.

A look back at the Cisco Bridges.

Our train passing through a slide shed.

CN eastbound freight on the CP line.

Fraser River.

CN 5415 East at Boston Bar.

Anderson River Bridge.

A creek flowing under the CP line across the Fraser River.

A look back at our train in the Fraser River Canyon.

Hells Gate

A look back at the tunnels that we had passed through.

The view across the Fraser River of the CP line.


The train passed under a waterfall in a flume at MP 19.7.

The Fraser River really narrowed down at this location.

The Fraser River then spread out as the canyon widen.

Nearing Hope.

Here our train is at the west end of the Fraser River Canyon.

A bridge across the Fraser River.

The big bend into the Fraser River Valley.

The Fraser River Valley.

Let the vineyards be fruitful.

The peaks behind the train.

The look ahead as we sped through the Fraser River Valley.

The Fraser River with the peaks to the north.

The Fraser River.

We were so far ahead of schedule the CN was not prepared for us to pass Thornton Yard so they ran us through it to get by. Here are a few scenes.

Wildlife can show up anywhere, including the CN Thornton Yard.

Views of the CN Thornton Yard Engine Facility.

CN E units 102 and 103 were at Thornton the day we passed through.

Two more views of the CN Thornton Yard Engine Facility.

Crossing the Fraser River at New Westminster.

Pulling into the Vancouver Via Station.

The view of downtown with my Cascade Talgo that would take me to Seattle tonight.

As I detrained I found Via Canadian waiting to head east this afternoon for Toronto. This ends the picture page of a fantastic trip on the Rocky Mountaineer.

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