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My first look inside the new Metrolink Rotem Cars 12/06/2010

by Chris Guenzler

I saw this up on and I decided since I was showing at the OCRHS Meeting that evening to go up to Los Angeles Union Station and take pictures of these unique new cars to show my group and all who reads this story.

From the Metrolink Web Site here is the announcement.

We're Ready to Roll!

Please join us as we roll out our new state-of-the-art Hyundai Rotem Rail Cars at the "Whistle Stop" Debut! Be one of the first to step inside the safest fleet in the Nation! Each event will include a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony.Monday, Dec. 6: Los Angeles Union Station - 8:00 am 800 N. Alameda Street, Los Angeles, 90012

Moorpark - 11:00 am 300 High Street, Moorpark, 93021

Glendale - 2:00 pm 400 W. Cerritos Ave., Glendale, 91204

Los Angeles Union Station Open House 3:30 - 6:00 pm

Wednesday, Dec. 8: San Bernardino - 8:30 am 1204 W. 3rd St., San Bernardino, 92410

Riverside, Downtown - 11:30 am 4066 Vine St, Riverside, 92507

Thursday, Dec. 9: Irvine - 11:45 am 15215 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, 92618

Santa Ana - 1:45 pm 1000 E. Santa Ana Blvd., Santa Ana, 92701

I took Surfliner 775 from Santa Ana to Los Angeles. Once off that train, I walked down to Track 3 to wait for my train to come into the station.

Surfliner 775 left Los Angeles for San Luis Obispo. A few train sets came into the station for the outbound early afternoon trains. Soon I saw something very different coming my way.

Metrolink Rotem Cab Car 638 led the train into Track 5 at Los Angeles Union Station.

Metrolink Rotem Coach Car 212.

Metrolink Rotem Coach Car 214.

The train had two units assigned to it. From here I walked to the south end of this platform for more pictures.

Two more views of the Metrolink Rotem Cab Car 638. I walked over to Track 5 and asked to take pictures inside showing my press pass and was told Yes! So I took my first look inside these new Metrolink Rotem Cars.

Views of the lower level of the Metrolink Rotem Cab Car 638.

The upper Level of the Metrolink Rotem Cab Car 638. All seats in the new Cab Cars will face backwards for safety reasons.

The Engineer's Control Compartment.

Looking down into the middle level of the Metrolink Rotem Cab Car 638.

The middle level with the new safety tables.

The Upper Level of the Metrolink Rotem Coach Car 212.

The Middle Level of the Metrolink Rotem Coach Car 212.

The lower level of the Metrolink Rotem Coach Car 212.

The Hallway with Handicap Ramp attached to the wall.

A new bathroom design on these new Rotem Cars.

One more view of the lower level of Metrolink Rotem Coach Car 212.

Two more views of Metrolink Rotem Cab Car 638. With that I waited for Metrolink 686 to come in. The engineer who bought the train in was my old friend Mike Brown. After a nice conversation, I boarded Metrolink 686 for Santa Ana. I detrained there but had one last picture to take.

It is not every day you see Metolink 800, the lone F40PH on the roster out working on a train as it did on Metrolink 686 today. I went home, wrote this story then did my revised program at the OCRHS Meeting that evening.

Off to Riverside to see the Metrolink Rotem Car there 12/08/2010

Steve Grande and I decided to take Metrolink out to Riverside so he could see the new Metrolink Rotem Cars there. I boarded Metrolink Train 800 at Santa Ana riding the Utah Frontrunner Comet Car 316. Steve boarded out in Anaheim Canyon and soon we detrained out at Downtown Riverside. We walked to the north end of the east platform and waited for the train to come in from San Bernardino.

The train came into Riverside.

Metrolink Rotem Coach 214.

Metrolink Rotem Coach 212.

Metrolink Rotem Cab Car 638.

The train pulled into the Riverside Downtown Station.

The Train is now at the Riverside Downtown Station waiting for Metrolink 851 to leave which was having a slight problem.

Metrolink Rotem Cab Car 638. We bought our tickets to come back and then took the Pedestrian Bridge to get to the train but paused for a pair of roof pictures.

The roof views of the new Metrolink Rotem Cars. From there we walked down and got to walk through the train after it had been spotted. After our walk through I was told to get a Press Kit for these new Rotem Cars. Below is one of the handouts they gave me.

Metrolink Unveils News Safety-Enhanced Rail Cars

Southern California rail provider the first in the nation to deploy new cars equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Los Angeles
Metrolink, Southern California's passenger rail provider, unveiled its new state-of-the-art cab and passenger cars equipped with collision-absorption technology at a series of stops as part of a Whistle Stop Tour across Metrolink's five-county service area. Scheduled stops include: LA Union Station, Glendale, Moorpark, San Bernardino, Downtown Riverside, Irvine and Santa Ana. The events will be attended by Metrolink board and staff leadership, members of the public, media and regional dignitaries.

The new cars dubbed the Guardian fleet by Metrolink and manufactured by Hyundai Rotem include energy-absorbing retractable couplers, a crumple zone and tables designed to minimize passengers injuries if an incident were to occur. Additionally, the cab cars have elevated train engineer compartment providing enhanced visibility and safety for the engineer; both cab and passenger rail cars have higher seat backs providing extra comfort and back support for passengers.

"We are excited to present the safest rail cars in America. Our new Guardian fleet cars are a major component of our plan to be the safest passenger railroad in the nation. These safety-enhanced cars will save lives in the event of a collision. These cars were developed in collaboration with the world's leading safety experts. We are pleased our passengers will be the first to enjoy the peace of mind knowing they are riding in these industry first rail cars," said Metrolink Board Chairman Keith Millhouse.

The cab cars stand 15 feet 11 inches high, 85 feet long and weigh almost one hundred fifty thousand pounds. With a stainless steel exterior, the new Hyundai Rotem cars do not need to be painted.

"Here at Metrolink, we wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night with safety on our mind. We are honored to provide our employees, customers and the region some of the safest rail cars in existence," said Metrolink CEO John Fenton. "Our board's commitment to safety is evident in their recent decision to purchase 20 more Rotem cars."

Ten cars will be put into service immediately across the Metrolink System. As more cars are assembled, tested and approved for service, they will be used to augment Metrolink's current fleet. All 137 cars are expected to be in service by late 2012.

In accordance with "Buy America" program, Metrolink Rotem Cars are being assembled and tested at the agency's Eastern Maintenance Facility in the City of Colton. Over 50 jobs have been created for Southern Californians. Over the past several months, Metrolink employees and contractor crews have been trained to operate the new equipment including the train's controls and new safety features.

We walked back across the Pedestrian Bridge to the east platform to wait for Metrolink 811 to arrive. As it approached, a UP auto train was coming but too slowly to get a picture. Steve and I boarded the cab car and I then got an idea for a picture of the UP train.

This train had UP 4161, UP 5182 and NS 9357. We had a nice trip and I got off at Santa Ana and Steve stayed on to San Juan Capistrano.

Santa Ana 12/09/2009

After a morning train ride and after watching some NCIS shows I went down to the Santa Ana Train station and parked in the parking structure just as the train came in from Irvine. I walked across the Pedestrian Bridge stopping for a few pictures along the way.

Two views of the train from the Pedestrian Bridge.

Two views of the Cab Car end of the train.

Surfliner 774 came into Santa Ana while I was at the Santa Ana Blvd grade crossing.

Setting up the microphone. After finding out what time they were heading back to Los Angeles, I ran into Winston and Christy and gave them a tour of the new Rotem Metrolink Cars. After that it was back outside for a few close up pictures.

The truck of Metrolink Rotem Cab Car 638.

Here are the cables between Metrolink 638 and 212.

The trucks of Metrolink Rotem Coach 212.

Truck springs detail.

Rotem truck plate.

Shock Absorber on the truck of Metrolink Rotem Coach 212.

Brake and new wheel.

HEP and Trainline Connections.

A small plow on the front of the Metrolink Rotem Cab Car 638.

New water fountain control. From here I went back to my car meeting Cliff Prather on the way there. I went home and worked on this story.