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The Royal Gorge Park 7/16/2008

by Chris Guenzler

We drove west of Highway 50 from Canon City to the turn off for the Royal Gorge Park.

On the way into the park we passed this Black Bear enjoying an evening snack.

On display right on the rim of the Royal Gorge is Rio Grande 499 and Caboose.

View of the Aerial Tram ride across the Gorge. The late hour is limiting us to take only one ride. We exchange our passes for a ticket to get in and headed straight to the Incline Railway as its last trip was at 6:30 PM down into the bottom of the Royal Gorge.

The sign for the Incline Railway. Built in 1931 it is the World's steepest Incline Railway featuring a 45-degree angle. It descends 1,500 feet to the Royal Gorge Floor. Now let us take a ride to the bottom of the Royal Gorge.

We have now reached the bottom of the Royal Gorge and will have five minutes to look around.

Two views of the Hanging Bridge.

The view looking east at the bottom of the Royal Gorge.

Chris Parker at the bottom of the Royal Gorge.

Two views looking west down the railroad.

The view looking up the Incline Railway.

One last view of the Hanging Bridge before we returned to the top of the Royal Gorge.

Two views as we went up. Next we decided to go out onto the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge.

The sign which tells all about the Royal Gorge Bridge.

The Royal Gorge Bridge which we will now cross.

Looking down onto the Hanging Bridge.

Looking west off the Royal Gorge Bridge.

I always enjoy signs.

Another view of the Hanging Bridge from high above.

You can really see the Hanging Bridge supports in this picture.

I have reached the south side of the Royal Gorge Bridge. I then walked back across the bridge.

The view down through a crack in the wood of the bridge.

Looking east.

Looking west. I then made my way off the Royal Gorge Bridge.

A look down the Incline Railway now closed for the day.

One last view of the Royal Gorge before we made our way back to the parking lot.

One last picture of the Rio Grande 499 on display at the Royal Gorge Park. We left the Royal Gorge Park and drove back out to Highway 50 and headed west which we took to Saluda. There we stopped at a KFC for dinner before we crossed the mountains south and entered the San Luis Valley. We drove south to near Center before turning west to Del Norte. We took US Highway 160 over Wolf Creek Pass and down to Pagosa Springs as weird weather took hold late in the evening. From there through pouring rain, weird fog and lightning we made it to Durango as the low fuel light came on. We stayed that night at the Best Western Rio Grande Inn getting there right about midnight. We checked in and all called it a night.