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Ruby Falls 8/20/2007

by Chris Guenzler

We drove and found a parking spot as we noticed this great tower like building.

Chris Parker and I entered the Ruby Falls building and after checking in, we waited for the next tour in five minutes. We boarded on elevator that took us 260 feet down into the cavern. We all got out and met of tour guide Hannah. She went over the rules and safety points before showing a short video of the history of Ruby Falls.

Entrance to the alternate exit and the Haunted Cavern.

Arabian Drapery.

The way the cave discovers entered the depths of the cave.

Very beautiful formations.

A Column with a broken one next to it.

Fantastic features in this cave as we are guided through it.

This one you can name!

Hall of Dreams.

Two more views of the cave's unique features.

Soda Straws.

Another interesting view.

Leaning Tower.

I call this the barbecue pit.

Two views of interesting rock layers.

The stalactites creates fantastic views.

More unique cave features.

Interesting mineral deposits.

Cave Bacon.

The Potato Chip.

An underground fault line.

Further down the passageways we traveled.

Cactus and the Candle.

I call this the Cricket Game.

The goal for the Cricket Game.

I call this one the Alps.

Crystal Chandelier.

Totem Pole.

Onyx Column

On through the passageways.

What image do you see.

See an image here?

North end of a south bound donkey.

Fantastic mineral deposits.

Frozen Niagara.

We past more interesting formations before we came to a dark room where we could hear water falling. Everyone moved into place and then the lights came on and before all of us was Ruby Falls.

First Ruby Falls in the Blue Lights.

Next Ruby Falls in the red lights.

Next in the Green Light.

Next the Purple Light.

Back to the Green Light.

Return to the Purple Light.

What a very beautiful underground waterfall and light show.

With this last picture we headed back to the surface. Once back up into daylight, we walked the stairs to the viewing tower.

The Great Bend in the Tennessee River.

Looking towards Missionary Ridge.

Looking west.

Looking east. With that our trip to Ruby Falls is complete and this is another must see if you come to Chattanooga. Make sure you do the Lookout Mountain Incline Railroad, Rock City and Ruby Falls. There are all for one tickets available. Chattanooga is a very interesting place and we returned to the Chattanooga Choo Choo for a few minutes. For dinner we went to Porters Restaurant, the most expensive steak house in town and I had a Filet Mignon which cost about 26 cents a bite. It was sure good tasting. We returned to the Chattanooga Choo Choo and I worked on stories before calling it a night. Tomorrow is the first trip of the 2007 NRHS Convention but that will be another story to come.