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A morning at Horseshoe Bend in Santa Ana Canyon 10/22/2011

by Chris Guenzler

I decided to do some early morning railfanning this Saturday morning so I drove out to the Horseshoe Bend, parked my car then hiked up the bridle trail to the overlook above the Horseshoe Bend out in Santa Ana Canyon.

My first train was BNSF 7249 West rounding the Horseshoe Bend.

BNSF 6245 West came around the Horseshoe Bend next. A few minutes later I suddenly had trains coming from both ways.

The BNSF 4507 West met the BNSF 7402 East on the Horseshoe Bend. After that I walked back to my car and drove home to listen to Let's Talk Trains and was on their chat room during the show like I do.