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The Saginaw Railroad Museum 7/24/2009

by Chris Guenzler

Matt Meltzer and I drove from the Huckleberry Railroad To Saginaw and found the Saginaw Railroad Museum. Inside the C&O 911245 we found Joe and after a few minutes I started looking around the museum.

C&O 911245.

Whistle Post down along the C&O 911245.

C&O Caboose 903577.

Canadian National Business Car AD 75.

Ex Rutland Railroad RS-1 401.

Grand Trunk Western Box Car 1493.

Track workers car.

Views around museum.

Ex Rutland Railroad RS-1 401.

Outside wooden braced box car.

Box car 515223.

Concrete Whistle Post.

Another track worker's car.

Pere Marquette Railroad property line marker.

Trainorder hops stand and another whistle post sign.

Ann Arbor Railroad box car 1102.

GE Diesel 150 HP built December 1943.

C&O Caboose 977.

Another Pere Marquette Property Line Marker.

Trainorders signals.

The station building on the museum's ground.

Another marker.

The Tower on the museum's grounds.

More railroad buildings.

Crossing signal.

Switch stands.

Railroad Telephone Booths.

More railroad equipment.

Railroad Telephone Box. We visited the inside of the CN AD 75 before we went inside the museum station building.

The station agent's desk had many items of interest.

A morse code chart.

Telegraph keys.

A typewriter.

Locomotive headlight and number boards. Next we went down into the basement to see the model railroad the museum has.

The model railroad in the basement.

Railroad track layout boards. With that we turned out the lights and locked up the building before we thanked Joe for opening up the museum for Matt and I to visit. We drove back to Owosso and more at TrainFestival 2009.