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Santa Ana Amtrak Station Holiday Season Display 12/3/2006

by Chris Guenzler

There is something everyone should see in the Santa Ana Amtrak train station.

The view of Surfliner 763 leaving Santa Ana on this very clear and windy morning with the Santa Ana Winds blowing hard. A few of the leaving passengers might had seen what you are going to see but none of those hundred passengers aboard that train have any idea of what is inside the Santa Ana train station where Amtrak sells their tickets. Let us go inside and took a good look at it.

The Norfolk Western J locomotive on the point of this passenger train that runs on this display. This is the 14th year that Gary, our fantastic head Amtrak agent, has put up for all to see for those passengers that visit Amtrak in Santa Ana.

The cable cars going back and forth to their station. Life is everywhere on this display.

The car chases the cop car in this unique scene.

Some of the buildings in this display.

The working lighthouse stands watch over the entire display.

Children and parents play in this winter environment.

There is an ice skating rink where the skaters do their thing.

Another ice skating scene.

More buildings highlight this scene.

Another display high up in the far corner.

Another building on a hill.

The scene and the far end of the display.

An ice hockey game is taken place in this display.

Another picture of the unique buildings. I thanked Gary for letting me photograph his work in this unique holiday season display at the Santa Ana Amtrak Station. I went outside into the windy environment to catch the first of a few trains today to pass 962,000.0 rail miles.