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San Bernardino Shop Tours 1/1974 and 3/1981 and views around the Bakersfield Turntable

by Chris Guenzler

Motive power of the Santa Fe Railroad was usually out on the mainline.

Like in this scene at Summit back in 1972. The Santa Fe Railroad used to give tours of their San Bernardino Shops when I was a kid. I got to take two of these tours and will now share pictures of the Santa Fe San Bernardino Shops. We would meet in front of the San Bernardino Station and then would be taken over to the shop buildings to start our tour. Most pictures were taken on March 14, 1981 and two came from January 1974.

Santa Fe GP-20 3132 was sitting at the north end of the shop on one of the tours.

A Santa Fe Caboose being painted.

More cabooses at the shop.

One year a new Ten Pack set was on display for us.

The joining of two ten pack platforms.

A Transfer Table at the San Bernardino Shops.

Santa Fe F3B 288B was sitting south of the main shop building January 1974.

Outside the shops was Santa Fe GP7 2665 January 1974.

The rest of these pictures will be the second tour starting with Santa Fe SD-26 4634.

Santa Fe GP-30 3201.

Santa Fe GP-35 3456.

Santa Fe 5933, 5044 and 4634 outside of the main shop. Now we will be taken inside the main shop building.

A Santa Fe GE U Boat in for work.

Two views of a prime mover.

View inside of the main shop.

To the north of the Mt Vernon Street Bridge was the dead line for the shop which had Santa Fe RSD-15 9838.

Santa Fe RS-1 2394 was out in front of the crew change office in San Bernardino.

Views around the Bakersfield Turntable in February 1976

Santa Fe CF-7 2492 was switching the yard on this day.

View of the turntable and fueling pads.

Santa Fe SD-24 4554 10/1974.

Santa Fe RCU 30.

Santa Fe SSB-1200 1227.

Santa Fe S-4 1535. I will now return you to the present.