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Strasburg Railroad 6/30/2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The train leaves Paradise for Strasburg.

View of mainline between Philly and Harrisburg. Never a train when you want one!

The first farm as we start the trip back.

Strasburg 90 smokes it up on the way back.

Another corn farm.

Two more farms.

I love countryside with farming taking place.


Another farm.

This is prime farmlands.

There are open farmlands between each house.

Two more farms.

Trees dot the landscape.

Yet another farm.

Another rural view.

The siding at the Picnic Grounds. When they run two trains this is the place they always meet.


The view of the siding.

A large Amish group got off for a picnic at the picnic grounds. They will return to Strasburg on the next train.

The train takes the only good curve for a picture of it.

Their Corn Maze opens on July 3, 2010.

Two views of the Corn Maze area.

The train finishes that great curve.

Views of the Corn Maze.

Farms off in the distance.

A big tree by this farm house.

More views of this unique Pennsylvania landscape.

More views of farms.

A tractor pulled ride from the Red Caboose Motel.

Two views of this large Amish farm as we passed the Red Caboose Motel.

The last farm before we arrived back into Strasburg.

The train approaches the Strasburg Shop Complex.

Pennsylvania Railroad 44-Toner 9331.

Strasburg Snowplow 66.

The train has returned us back to the Strasburg Station. It had been a fantastic trip on the Strasburg. It is 11:50 AM and I have a 1:30 PM Train in Wilmington to catch for home. I better hit the road!