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Scenes along the Surfliner Route on my quest for the Million Rail Mile

by Chris Guenzler

I was asked by a reader since I do not write about every one of my Surfliner trips, could I show pictures along the line on my quest for a Million Rail Miles. All that would require would me to take a camera with me on my trips so I thought why not. So here we go:

Surfliner 578 arrived into San Diego finding a pair of Coaster Trains. 1/31/2007

Surfliner 784 had arrived into Santa Ana on 2/1/2007.

Surfliner 589 at Santa Ana. 2/1/2007

San Clemente Pier from Surfliner 785. 2/2/2007

San Mateo Creek from Surfliner 785. 2/3/2007

Passing through San Clemente on Surfliner 785. 2/3/2007

San Clemente Pier from Surfliner 785. 2/3/2007

Another view from Surfliner 785. 2/3/2007

Just south of North Beach from Surfliner 785. 2/3/2007

Great sunset from Surfliner 785. 2/3/2007

One more from Surfliner 785. 2/3/2007

Surfliner 582 at CP Capistrano. 2/3/2007

Nearing Irvine From Surfliner 785. 2/3/2007

Surfliner 785 at Santa Ana. 2/3/2007

A Pacific Parlour Car on the Coast Starlight. 2/4/2007

Saddleback Mountain from Surfliner 579. 2/4/2007

Due to signal problems ahead of Surfliner 577, Metrolink Train 657 pulled in behind us. 2/4/2007

Metrolink 656 came into CP Capistrano to pass us. 2/4/2007

Metrolink 808 arrived into San Juan Capistrano. 2/5/2007

Surfliner 578 at Solana Beach. 2/6/2007

Santa Fe Station in San Diego. 2/6/2007

Surfliner 578 in San Diego getting ready to return north as Surfliner 589. 2/6/2007

The Bell Tower of the Santa Fe Station in San Diego. 2/6/2007

The San Diego Trolley passes right in front of the station. 2/6/2007

Santa Fe Emblem in the station's south overhead large window. 2/6/2007

The south entrance of the Santa Fe Station. 2/6/2007

The inside of the Waiting Room. 2/6/2007

The San Juan Capistrano Station, this part was the old Santa Fe Station. 2/7/2007

Another view of this unique building. 2/7/2007

Metrolink 808 at San Juan Capistrano. 2/7/2007

Surfliner 582 at San Juan Capistrano. 2/7/2007

Surfliner 582 then left San Juan Capistrano. 2/7/2007

Surfliner 785 arrived into San Juan Capistrano to take me home to Santa Ana. 2/7/2007

Surfliner 785 at Santa Ana 2/7/2007

Metrolink 608 at Irvine. 2/7/2007

BNSF freight blasted through Irvine. 2/7/2007

Surfliner 589 arrived into Irvine. 2/7/2007

Metrolink Train along the Los Angeles River. 2/26/2007

UP freight train along the Los Angeles River. 2/26/2007

Another Metrolink Train along the Los Angeles River. 2/26/2007

More UP power along the Los Angeles River. 2/26/2007

Sunset along Mission Bay in San Diego on Surfliner 589. 2/27/2007

Surfliner 578 arrived into Santa Ana to take me to San Diego for the Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum Banquet in San Diego. 3/1/2007

Surfliners wait their turn this pre sunrise in San Diego. 3/2/2007

The engines on the south end that morning. 3/2/2007

Mission Bay before sunrise from Surfliner 763. 3/2/2007

My favorite lagoon just south of Del Mar. 3/2/2007

That same lagoon. 3/2/2007

The Pacific Ocean at Del Mar. 3/2/2007

San Mateo Creek south of County Line. 3/2/2007

The Tustin Blimp Hangars are the largest wooden structures in the world. 3/02/2007

Low tide at North Beach San Clemente on Surfliner 578. 3/2/2007

South of County Line. 3/2/2007

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. 3/2/2007

Oceanside Harbor. 3/2/2007

San Luis Rey River just north of Oceanside. 3/2/2007

Coaster Train meets Surfliner 578 at Solana Beach. 3/2/2007

Sea Lions on the man made reef south of the San Clemente Pier from Surfliner 564. 3/4/2007

Surfliner 774 turning into Surfliner 785. 3/4/2007

Surfliner 785 waiting to leave San Diego on time. 3/4/2007

Alan B. Feinstein, a railfan from New Jersey who I rode with home on this date. 3/4/2007

On the bluff south of San Onofre from Surfliner 785. 3/4/2007

San Mateo Creek. 3/4/2007

San Clemente Island, a rare view of this offshore island. 3/4/2007

The San Clemente Pier. 3/4/2007

The Dana Point Seawall. 3/6/2007

The San Clemente Pier from the north. 3/6/2007

Right before the train climbs onto the San Onofre Bluff. 3/6/2007

Views along the San Onofre Bluff. 3/6/2007

Crossing Camp Pendleton at 90 MPH, the largest open space left along the coastline in Southern California. 3/6/2007

Future Sprinter Station in Oceanside under construction. 3/6/2007

Sprinter tracks under construction. 3/6/2007

A future route for me to ride. 3/6/2007

Agua Herronda Lagoon. 3/6/2007

Batiquitos Lagoon. 3/6/2007

The view from near Cardiff of the Sea. 3/6/2007

San Eilijo Lagoon. 3/6/2007

The view from the Del Mar Bluffs. 3/6/2007

Climbing Miramar Hill. 3/6/2007

Mission Bay. 3/6/2007

Surfliner 578 ready to turn into Surfliner 589 3/6/2007

The San Diego Airport from Surfliner 589. 3/6/2007

After crossing the San Diego River. 3/6/2007

Mission Bay. 3/6/2007

Mission Bay and a fantastic sunset. 3/6/2007

An El Nino Storm a few years ago deposited this tree trunk into the beach and locals ever since have planted an American Flag on top of it as seen from Surfliner 578. 3/7/2007

Another view of the small bay as we start our beach running heading north on Surfliner 785. 3/7/2007

Surfliner 582 passed Surfliner 785 at CP Capistrano. 3/7/2007

Saddleback is really two peaks, Santiago and Trabuco Peaks, as seen from the Irvine Station on Surfliner 785. 3/7/2007

San Onofre Creek. 2/8/2007

San Mateo Creek. 2/8/2007

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