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Scenes along the Surfline Part III

by Chris Guenzler

Surfliner 578 arrived into Santa Ana. 3/20/2007

The former El Toro Marine Base. 3/20/2007

The strawberry fields have begun to rise from the soil. 3/20/2007

Ridge Route Road in El Toro. 3/20/2007

The golf course we pass daily is always interesting to watch golfers try their luck. 3/20/2007

Another cloudy day along the beach at San Clemente. 3/20/2007

Birds flying in formation. 3/20/2007

I love watching clouds as I travel around North America on trains. 3/20/2007

Navy ship off Camp Pendleton. 3/20/2007

San Diego Trolley at Old Town. 3/20/2007

The San Diego Airport. 3/20/2007

Coaster at the Santa Fe Station in San Diego. 3/20/2007

Scene along the Del Mar Bluffs. 3/20/2007

Scenes along San Clemente from Surfliner 589. 3/20/2007

San Juan Creek from Surfliner 589. 3/20/2007

Surfliner 589 met a late running Metrolink 606 at CP Capistrano. 3/20/2007

Micro Center where I bought the computer I write all these stories on. 3/20/2007

Surfliner 785 met a late running Metrolink train 686 at Santa Ana. 3/21/2007

Church at the Beach from Surfliner 564. 3/25/2007

The old Del Mar Power Plant from Surfliner 571. 3/25/2007

The lagoon just north of Solana Beach. 3/25/2007

Another view. 3/25/2007

Where the tide enters the unique lagoon. 3/25/2007

The view at Cardiff By The Sea. 3/25/2007

Swami Beach entrance. 3/25/2007

The Self Realization Fellowship Center. 3/25/2007

The former Santa Fe Station in Encinitas. 3/25/2007

The lagoon just south of Carlsbad. 3/25/2007

The lighthouse at Oceanside Harbor. 3/25/2007

Oceanside Harbor. 3/25/2007

Camp Pendleton Beach. 3/25/2007

San Mateo Creek. 3/25/2007

Looking north along San Clemente State Beach. 3/25/2007

A look out at the reef. 3/25/2007

The surfers were out in force on this Sunday. 3/25/2007

El Nino Storms were always pounding this trailer and it was seen on the news station nightly during those winters. 3/25/2007

A BNSF freight at Fullerton between passenger trains. 3/25/2007

Surfliner 774 pulled into Fullerton. 3/25/2007

The Sears Building in Los Angeles from Surfliner 577. 3/26/2007

UP power that have been tagged by the local gang scum. 3/26/2007

The last full length Dome Car on the Amtrak system from Metrolink 705. 3/26/2007

Surfliner 579 pulled into Santa Ana. 3/27/2007

Surfliner 579 leaving Santa Ana. 3/27/2007

San Mateo Creek from Metrolink 604. 3/28/2007

The curve by San Onofre Creek. 3/28/2007

Future Sprinter Station in Oceanside. 3/28/2007

San Clemente Pier from Surfliner 598. 3/28/2007

Catalina Island. 3/28/2007

Eucalypti Trees in El Toro. 3/29/2007

Aliso Creek. 3/29/2007

The baseball diamond. 3/29/2007

Oso Creek. 3/29/2007

The last Orange Grove. 3/29/2007

Mission San Juan Capistrano. 3/29/2007

Trabuco Creek from Metrolink 609. 3/29/2007

The Orange Grove with Saddleback Mountain standing guard. 3/29/2007

Metrolink 609 leaving Santa Ana. 3/29/2007

The Pacific Sands on Surfliner 591 at Santa Ana. 4/1/2007

Another view of the Pacific Sands. 4/1/2007

My good friend Carl Morrison who also writes for along with Doug Spinn, the owner of the Pacific Sands. 4/1/2007

Moon Amtrak is always the second Saturday of July at the Mugs Away Bar in Laguna Nigel along the Surfliner Route. 7/14/2007

A reflection of Surfliner 582 on Sunday 7/15/2007 after crossing the Santa Ana River into the City of Orange.

The coast from Surfliner 784 at San Clemente. 7/16/2007

Looking back at the San Clemente Pier. 7/16/2007

From the Del Mar Bluffs. 7/16/2007

San Diego Trolley in front of the Santa Fe Depot before I boarded Surfliner 595. 7/16/2007

Saddleback on a clear late afternoon on Surfliner 785. 7/18/2007

The Hot Air Balloon at the future Great Park site. 7/18/2007

The Hot Air Balloon and Saddleback. 7/18/2007