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A Day at San Clemente 4/7/2010

by Chris Guenzler

I had an idea about taking pictures along San Clemente Beach, California and finally decided to do it.

I got up at 5:10 AM and after getting prepared for my day, I drove to Santa Ana and boarded Metrolink 803 for my trip to the San Clemente Metrolink Station.

Metrolink 803 dropped me off and headed to Oceanside. I started my walk south.

Metrolink 850 at Dije Court. From here I walked south to the staircase at El Portal.

The view at El Portal.

Surfliner 763 heads towards Goleta.

Surfliner 562 heads to San Diego. I continued my walk south.

The San Clemente Pier.

Metrolink 850. I continued my walk south.

The view at Lost Winds.

Surfliner 565 at Lost Winds.

Surfliner 564 at Lost Winds.

I walked to the San Clemente State Beach walkway and set up for my next set of pictures.

Surfliner 567.

Metrolink 600.

Surfliner 566. From here I walked south to County Line.

County Line my southern destination. I had walked 3.7 miles to get here today.

San Mateo Creek Trestle.

Surfliner 769 crossed the San Mateo Creek Trestle and passes County Line into Orange County.

The view at County Line north.

Surfliner 768 hits County Line and then heads out across the San Mateo Creek Trestle.

The San Mateo Trestle.

Surfliner 573 crosses the San Mateo Creek Trestle. I started my trek north to the Metrolink Station.

Metrolink 851 south of Calafia Beach.

Surfliner 572 south of Calafia Beach. From here I walked north to my next photo location.

Surfliner 775 at Dioca Del Caron. I moved a little north for my next train.

Surfliner 774 at Dioca Del Caron. From here I went to San Clemente to get a bottle of Coca-Cola. From here I walk the elevated trail back to El Portal.

Surfliner 579 at El Portal.

Surfliner 578 at Dije Court. I returned to the San Clemente Metrolink Station having walked a total of 7.4 miles today.

Metrolink 609 arrived into San Clemente and I boarded for my trip home to Santa Ana.

I took a seat in NJT Comet Car 5749 and relaxed the rest of the way home to Santa Ana. It had been a great day of photography along the beach at San Clemente.