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Train Rider's Group Trip to ride the San Diego Trolley 2/28/2009

by Chris Guenzler

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when I drove down to the Santa Ana Parking Structure and parked on level 2. I walked through the Station and out onto the platform. Tom Anderson called and told me what car our group was in on Surfliner 564. I watched Surfliner 769 come into and leave Santa Ana before I started deleting the pictures from the camera before Surfliner 564 came into Santa Ana.

I boarded the train and walked back to the second Surfliner Coach where I found our group. The train left Santa Ana on time and I sat next to Tom. At Irvine Cathy Stanfill and her Mom boarded and our on board group was now nine. It was a quick trip down the Surfline to Old Town where we all detrained. I worked the San Diego Trolley Ticketing Machine helping most of our group get Day Passes. We then boarded a Green Line Trolley but had to wait until 9:30 AM for its departure. Tony and Floyd joined our group at Old Town bringing us to eleven for this trip.

Jonathan Ortiz and his Father with Tony Escarcega and Floyd Hawkins.

Tom Anderson and Bob.

Cathy Stanfill and her Mother.

Chris Parker and Dan.

Our Green Line Trolley departing Old Town.

After passing under Interstate 8, we crossed the San Diego River. We made our way east on the Green Line and all the new riders said that they had ridden like to Fashion Valley or the Qualcomm Stadium Trolley Station. At the Grantville Station I pointed out to our group how high the station is off the ground. The train started up the grade towards San Diego State University Transit Center.

Climbing up the grade.

We soon entered the tunnel that would take us to the San Diego State University Transit Center.

After stopping at the San Diego State University Transit Center we exited the tunnel and continued our trip towards Santee. All the new riders where amazed by the freight bypass east of El Cajon. We soon arrived at Santee and we all exited for a group photo.

Our group photo at Santee. We reboarded the Trolley and went back to El Cajon for a bathroom break. After that, we boarded the next Orange Line back for the ride downtown and along the Bayfront Line. Everyone enjoyed seeing the steam engine at La Mesa, the giant Lemon at Lemon Grove and the trip through the cemetery and horseshoe curve. After the ride through Downtown and along the Bayfront Line we all detrained at 12th and Imperial. We walked over to the Blue Line and soon were on a train to San Ysidro. It was on this segment that our tickets were checked. I always enjoy the higher speed on the original trolley line. At San Ysidro we transferred to a waiting northbound trolley.

Mexico from the Trolley as we headed north to E Street where we detrained for lunch at the Black Angus. Tony and Floyd left our group at this point and we divided into two groups for lunch. Chris Parker and I dined with Cathy and her Mother. I had a Filet Mignon and a Brownie for dessert for my lunch. The four of us then walked back to the Bayfront/E Street Trolley Station and waited for the next trolley back to the Santa Fe Station. That trolley got us back with plenty of time to board Surfliner 785. This train ran early today since there is no Metrolink 808 on weekends. Adding to our success was we never saw Surfliner 582. At Irvine Cathy and her Mother detrained.

A pretty California Sunset before I said Goodbye to Chris Parker and I detrained early for once at Santa Ana. It was another great trip riding the San Diego Trolley.