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Southeastern Railway Museum 8/24/2007

by Chris Guenzler

Chris Parker and I got up early leaving Chattanooga for Duluth, Georgia and a visit to the Southeastern Railway. On the way there two things crossed my mind. Atlanta has a major traffic problem and that Atlanta was having a Smog Alert, something we had not had in Santa Ana since I was a kid. We made our way to the museum arriving there a few minutes early but were allowed to start looking around the grounds of the museum.

Southern Railway 8202.

NYO&W 44 Toner 104.

GP-9 1026.

Transfer Caboose XC 67871.

CRR Caboose 1064.

Georgia Railway Caboose 2866.

Wabash Railroad Dome Observation RPCX 1601.

Spreader WofA 7302.

Southern Railway 960604.

CHV Crane 522.

Tender ARTX 1966 WT 52.

Central of Georgia 522.

Central of Georgia Baggage Car 405.

Family Lines Caboose SCL 01077

Southern Railway 960604.

Amtrak Slumbercoach 2092.

United States Army C271.

Wabash Caboose.

Cambel Limestone Co. Heisler 4.

Steam Locomotive Cab.

Locomotive Boiler on a flat car.

Ex Florida East Coast 2-8-0.

Cab of steam locomotive 290.

Southern Railway Coach 1078 and 1065.

Clinchfield 112.

New Georgia Railroad 1111.

Southern Grand Junction United States Mail Railway Post Office 1701.

Southern Railway Ruffin.

Central of Georgia Wooden Caboose "The Right Way" 92.

Southern Railway Wooden Caboose X2156.

City Slicker Bus 946.

Fruit Growers Express 55558.

1866 Atlantic Street Railway Company {on tires}.

Fruit Growers Express 55558.

HP Hood & Sons GP EX105 Milk Tank Car.

Seaboard F70413

Southern Railway 1212.

Bus White 401.

Southern Railway Dining Car 3168.

United States Army Troop Kitchen Car USA 200.

New Georgia Railroad 1104.

Southern Railway Baggage 4529.

Southern Railway E8A 6901.

Pullman Superb.

A very unique museum scene.

Pullman Superb.

Pullman Washington Club.

S&A 4-6-0 750.

Southern Railway Museum "Georgia on my Mind" SMRX 307.

Norfolk Southern NS 17 Tugola River.

Station Benches.

Station Timetable Board.

Rear view of Southern Railway 6901. Next I went into a display room and was impressed with what I found.

Cases of Dining Car China.

Another display case.

Many more interesting railroad displays.

Model railroad.

Another display case.

A Track Display.

Station Display. It was now time to take a ride on the museum train. The train consisted of the NYO&W 104, Transfer Caboose XC7871 and CRR Caboose 1064. I took a seat on the XC7871.

The train is ready to go.

It pulls towards the ex Southern Railway mainline then stops beyond a switch to the back to the restoration area of the museum.

We passed the locomotives on outside display.

A look ahead.

A look back towards the Wabash Dome Car.

Getting closer to our turnback location.

A look across the area towards the museum.

Approaching the restoration shop.

Another look back.

Under the tarps are Atlanta's first streetcars.

The train has returned to along the old Southern Mainline before backing to the station. If you are ever in this part of Georgia, a visit to this fine railroad museum is a must. Chris Parker and I next headed to Stone Mountain Park but that is another story.