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Santa Fe Southern to Lamy and then home!

by Chris Guenzler

I had gotten a good night rest at the Sage Inn then walked over to McDonalds for Hot Cakes and Sausage. I E-mailed my stories to myself from those excellent New Mexico Railrunner trips yesterday. I then checked out and walked back over to the Santa Fe Depot.

Santa Fe Southern 2/14/2009

I first shot a picture of the train at the station.

Santa Fe Southern 07.

Ex Santa Fe 502 Plaza Lamy.

The rear end of our train. Our train to Lamy consisted of Engine 07, Dome Car 502 Plaza Lamy, Central of New Jersey {CNJ} 1158 Coach/Concession, Open Car and CNJ Coach 300. I went in to get my one way ticket to Lamy but they had put me down for two tickets. I suggested that I wanted to ride the Dome Car since it wasn't on my train the last trip I made and Leah refunded my one ticket and gave me the Dome Car Class Silver ticket for the other. I then went outside and waited to board.

The Santa Fe Station.

The Dome windows got washed before we all boarded at 10:45 PM. I boarded the Plaza Lamy and took a seat up in the dome. I then decided to photograph the inside of the Plaza Lamy.

The inside of the Plaza Lamy Dome.

The rear Lounge.

The bar area under the Dome.

The Turquoise Room of the Plaza Lamy. I went back upstairs and they turned on the air conditioning which cooled the Dome down.

Santa Fe Southern 93.

At 11:00 AM our train departed the Santa Fe Station for Lamy.

Two views across Railroad Park where the Sage Inn is located on the other side across the street.

Our train crossing St. Francis Street as we make our way out of town. This trip we picked up no freight cars.

The train no longer crossed the wooden trestle as the New Mexico Railrunner built new bridges on the part of the Santa Fe Southern they run over.

This old trestle is now a walking trail.

We came to where the New Mexico Railrunner runs off the Santa Fe Southern and our train speed dropped.

The train crossed another wooden trestle along our route.

Two views of the mountains to the northeast.

Me riding in the Plaza Lamy Dome.

View looking west.

Crossing another trestle.

Mountains looking to the east.

Views looking to the west.

The train heading down the grade.

Two views to the west.

Our train crossed a small trestle.

Taking yet another curve.

The view looking back.

The grade crossing we had to stop and flag it before passing through it.

The train took one of the many curves on the way to Lamy.

The tracks are coming to where they will drop into Lamy.

The train comes around this curve that gives the passengers the view of the Galisteo Basin.

The Galisteo Basin.

The train took the curves leading to the US Highway 285 crossing.

A mesa to the east.

The view looking back.

Our train crossing US Highway 285.

The train took the curves as we dropped down the grade towards Lamy.

Interesting rock formations.

You can see the former Santa Fe mainline now owned by the State of New Mexico.

Those rocks have a house inside of them.

The train took the final curve as the train comes into Lamy.

The Lamy Mission.

Our engine cut off to run around the train before it pushed us the rest of the way to the Lamy Station. I detrained to get some pictures before I had lunch.

Our train in Lamy.

Everyone lined up to buy lunch.

Santa Fe Southern 07 at Lamy.

The train ready to head back to Santa Fe. I got at the end of the lunch line and had a hot dog and chips. I talked to the Train Crew who told me they would be leaving in thirty minutes. I decided to walk up the line to get the Santa Fe Southern train passing the Lamy Mission.

The Santa Southern train heads back by me to Santa Fe. I walked back over to the Lamy station and waited. First the Southwest Chief eastbound stopped and left Lamy on time. Thirty five minutes the westbound train came into Lamy.

Southwest Chief 3 2/14/2009

The train came into Lamy with Engines 64 and 6, Baggage 1255, Transition 39009, Sleepers 32086 Louisiana and 32090 Michigan, Dinner 37003 {a Diner Light Car}, Lounge 33027 and Coaches 34026 and 34097. I boarded the Michigan with Room 14 with Gwen as my Sleeping Car Attendant. Gwen then told me the bad news. No working toilets and no power in the wall outlets. So much for watching Motley Crue on the way to Albuquerque. I got A 5:15 Dinner Reservation. I relaxed in the room until we reached Albuquerque where we arrived early and it was cold and windy. I returned to the train and one of the electricians got the wall power back on. I charged my phone while we waited to depart on time. At 5:15 PM I went to the Dining Car and was seated with a couple from La Junta. I had the Flat Iron Steak and Vanilla Ice Cream. Back in my room I watched my DVD of Motley Crue "Lewd Crued & Tattooed". After that I made up my room and called it a night.


I got out of bed before San Bernardino and visited Shirley in the Lounge Car for a Cinnamon Roll and cup of tea while Gwen made up my room. I relaxed the rest of the way to Fullerton where I detrained and then crossed over the bridge to Track 3 to wait for my train for home.

Surfliner 564 2/15/2009

The train arrived into Fullerton early and in 16 minutes I was back in Santa Ana. I walked to my Geo Metro and drove home ending an excellent trip on Amtrak, New Mexico Railrunner and Santa Fe Southern.