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The Great Plain Railroad Museum and other things

by Chris Guenzler


I was up at 6:15 AM and after a Continental Breakfast, I gassed up the rental car and headed out of Parsons on US Highway 400 to US Highway 73 which I took south to Cherryvale.

WAMX 4103 in Cherryvale.

The Santa Fe Cherryvale Station.

RPCX 0300 Open Platform Observation Car.

Appalachian & Ohio WAMX 5109.

WAMX 5004.

WAMX 3834.

WAMX 4111.

The line of WAMX motive power in Cherryvale. I left Cherryvale and headed back north to US Highway 400 taking it west to my next stop in Fredonia.

The former Missouri Pacific Station in Fredonia, Kansas.

Two more views of the Missouri Pacific Station in Fredonia, Kansas. Back on US Highway 400 I took it west to my next stop in Augusta.

The former Frisco Station in Augusta, Kansas.

The Santa Fe Station in Augusta, Kansas. Back onto US Highway 400 I went west to Wichita and got off on Washington Blvd which I took north to Douglas Avenue when I saw this ahead of me.

Santa Fe 3768 on the bridge ahead of me. I parked the rental car.

The former Rock Island Station in Wichita.

The former Wichita Union Station.

The Great Plains Transportation Museum 4/24/2010.

You enter the museum through this door.

You next visit with this nice gentleman to pay the admission fee and receive a handout.

The lower level has things you can by. I went up the stairs and out onto the platform level.

The Rock Island Station.

Wichita Union Station.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3768.

Santa Fe FP-45 93.

Central Kansas Railway Caboose 1959.

Missouri Pacific Caboose 13495.

Ex Rock Island Union Pacific Caboose 24538.

Air Products Tank Car Built by A.C.F. 1957.

Ex Frisco Burlington Northern NW-2 421.

CB&Q Caboose 13519.

Railway Post Office Truck.

View of the museum.

Arkansas Valley Interurban #12 1917-1939/Arkansas Valley Railway #12 1939-1942/ Great Plains Transportation Museum(Wichita, Kansas) 1988-present.

Kansas Gas & Electric Locomotive.

Wheel sets.


Track equipment.

Santa Fe Drover's Car D938 built in 1931, Rebuilt in 1942 as a Coach-baggage-caboose.

Union Pacific Postal Storage Car 904270.

Plymouth Industrial Switcher. Kansas Gas and Electric used this locomotive at the Ripley Steam Electric Plant until it was closed.

Whitcomb Industrial Switcher GM-2 built 1934.

Frisco Wooden Caboose 876 built in 1904.

Santa Fe Baggage Car 190006 built in 1914. Used by the museum as a shop car.

View of Wichita Union Station.

UP 6903 South passed outside the museum.

Another view of Wichita Union Station.

View of Wichita Union Station from the cab of Santa Fe 3768.

A dad helps his little ones up the steps of Santa Fe 93. Now lets take a look inside at the second floor displays.

They have a very nice collection of railroading in their museum. I thanked the host for the visit and returned to my rental car.

I left Wichita on Kansas Highway 15 south which followed a BNSF mainline out of town.

BNSF 7252 North at Connell, Kansas. I then downed on me that back in my drinking days I rode over this line on a Southwest Chief detour due to a flash flood.

The former Santa Fe Mulvane Station is now a museum.

Santa Fe Caboose 999652 on display in Mulvane.

Santa Fe Caboose 999703 on display in Udall, Kansas. From here I headed to Winfield.

WAMX SD-40-2 4129 at Winfield, Kansas.

BNSF 4504 with CN 2571 in its consist. From here I went and found our excursion train.

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