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Vancouver Transit Lines Trips Part 2 2/7/2010

by Chris Guenzler

We returned to the Canada Line Olympic Village Station and there are Airline Boarding Pass Machines to make it easier for anyone going to the Vancouver Airport. We boarded the next train to the Waterfront. We made stops at the Vancouver Civic Center before we ran to the Canada Line Waterfront Station.

Our train at the Canada Line Waterfront Station.

Also there was an out of service train. From here we walked up stairs into the old Canadian Pacific Station and walked out onto the bridge to the Water Taxi to North Vancouver for some pictures.

Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern passenger cars across from the West Coast Express Station.

Canadian Pacific knows how to throw a party in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Skytrain 2/7/2010

We walked down to the Skyrtain Waterfront Station and waited for a train to come into the station and pick us up.

The Facts

The original Skytrain route opened on December 18, 1985 from the Waterfront Station to New Westminster until 1990. In 1989 an extension was added with the construction of the Skybridge across the Fraser River to Scotts Road which opened in 1990. The final extension on the original Skytrain Route was east to the King George Station in 1994. A new Skytrain Route called the Millennium Line was opened in 2002 from Columbia Station in New Westminster to the Longheed Town Centre Station. In 2006 this line was extended west to Vancouver Community College Station. The Skytrain uses Bombardier's Advanced Rapid Transit {ART} technology, a system of automated train driven by linear induction motors. These trains reach speeds of 56 MPH which makes this line three times faster than the bus it replaced. The initial fleet consisted of 150 Mark I trains. Each of these cars have 36 seats and a total capacity of 80 passengers. Mark I trains have space dedicated for wheelchair users, bicycles and strollers. The new Mark II vehicles each have 41 seats and a capacity of 150 under crush loads. A second generation of Mark II cars have 33 seats and a total capacity of 145 passengers. These newer Mark II cars also features LED Maps, more handle bars and video cameras.

Our Trip

We boarded this Skytrain at the waterfront Station and soon we were off on the Expo Line. Underground we stopped at Burrard and Granville where there is a connection with the Canada Line. We entered the daylight at the Stadium/Chinatown Station.

The Vancouver Skyline.

Science World before we stopped at the Main Street/Science World Station. After seeing the new Rocky Mountaineer Station off to the south we made our way to the Commercial/Broadway Station.

We got off the Skytrain at the Commercial/Broadway Station and walked the connection to the Millennium Line.

Millennium Line

We boarded the next westbound train taking one stop to the end of the line at the VCC-Clark Station and I started my new mileage on the way there.

A LED Route Map.

Our next station is lit up on this LED display.

Our eastbound Millennium Line train at the west end of the route at the VCC-Clark Station.

View along our route.

Coming back into the Commercial/Broadway Station.

All the stations are lit up on this LED display.

The tent looking structure is designed to keep people off the tracks at bridges.

The Renfrew Station.

The Rupert Station.

Westbound Skytrain.

The Gilmore Station.

A crossover.

Brentwood Town Center.

Westbound Skytrain.

View along the Millennium Line.

The Holdom Station.

View along the Millennium Line.

Westbound Skytrain.

The Sperling-Burnaby Lake Station.

View along the Millennium Line.

Westbound Skytrain at the West City Lake Station.

The Production Way/University Station.

Westbound Skytrain.

The Lougheed Town Center Station and the end of my new mileage for today.

Another Skytrain heading our way.

Westbound Skytrain.

Canadian Pacific interchange yard with the BNSF.

Passenger Cars belonging to the British Columbia NRHS Chapter.

The Braid Station.

BNSF and NS power at the BNSF New Westminster Station.

The Sapperton Station.

The three bridges across the Fraser River at New Westminster.

A BNSF freight heads out onto the Fraser River Bridge.

The junction of the Millennium and Expo Lines.

Our train at the Columbia Skytrain Station. From here we walked down and back up to catch a train to King George.

Our train to King George pulled into the Columbia Skytrain Station. We crossed the Fraser River on the Sky Bridge before making stops at Scott Road, Gateway, Surrey Central and then at King George. We walked down to the ground then back up the stairs to the westbound platform for the next train to New Westminster and dinner.

Our train at King George Skyline Station before we headed back to New Westminster.

Our train crossed the impressive Sky Bridge over the Fraser River. We detrained at New Westminster and walked half a block to where we would be having dinner this evening.

The old Canadian Pacific Station in New Westminster is now a Keg Restaurant one of my all time favorite steak houses anywhere. I had the Keg Sirloin which was excellent. Soon Bob, Elizabeth and I were walking back to the Skytrain Station to head back to the Hotel.

An outbound train at the New Westminster Station.

Our train then came into New Westminster and took us back to the Waterfront Station.

We returned through the old downtown Canadian Pacific Station in order to reach the Canada Line which we took two stops back to the Yaletown/Roundhouse Station where we detrained. We returned to the Quality Inn for the night and I worked on this story before I called it a night. Tomorrow a trip behind the Royal Hudson.