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Central Coast Railroad Festival The Bittercreek Western Railroad Trip and Goleta Railroad Museum 10/11/2009

by Chris Guenzler

Waking up feeling better, we checked out of the Motel 6 and drove to IHOP for a good breakfast of a Waffle and sausage links, From here we drove to Arroyo Grande. The Mapquest Directions did not match the map I had printed. We found the road and following the map we got to our destination.

The Bittercreek Western Railroad 10/11/2009

This sign greeted us to the Bittercreek Western Railroad event for the Central Coast Railroad Festival.

The table were we checked in and meet the staff.

This train would be the one we would be riding.

The Display Train.

Our train and the Display Train.

The Rules of the Bittercreek Western Railroad.

The line up of trains. At 10 AM Chris Parker and I got on the first trip of the day. We got special permission to take pictures from the moving train. After a safety talk, we soon were off for our ride on the Bittercreek Western Railroad.

Looking towards the picnic area as we left the boarding area.

A mound of dirt along our route.

The BBQ Pit.

Retaining wall.

View along our route.

A siding.

Miniature buildings along our route.

Taking a curve.

More tracks below us.

Getting ready to cross this bridge.

More miniature buildings along our route.

A station building.

Two views of this unique railroad.

Look at this beautiful steam engine.

View of the Turntable and Lift.

Our train crossed the Doug Chancey Memorial Trestle.

Our train entered Tunnel 4.

Next we passed under the twin bridges.

View of the yard.

View of the Turntable and Lift.

Water Towers.

Our train takes another curve on this unique railroad.

Car Barn.

Turntable and Lift.

Our train takes another of this railroad's many curves.

The bridge just before Tunnel 4.

The Doug Chancey Memorial Trestle.

A Santa Maria Valley Railroad diesel hauls another happy train of passengers.

Curving towards a block signal.

A storage shed made out of a box car.

Our train heads for one of the line's bridges.

The Doug Chancey Memorial Trestle.

Another of the line's curves.

Our train exiting Tunnel 1.

A station building.

Our train takes yet another curve.

A Southern Pacific Black widow Diesel pulling an empty train.

A Rio Grande Water Tower.

A final view of the Doug Chancey Memorial Trestle.

Taking the final curve before we head back to the boarding area.

Another view along the line.

Our train returns to the boarding area.

Display train at the boarding area. I detrained and headed to the restroom.

On the way back to the boarding area to meet Chris Parker and I thanked our hosts for the excellent trip.

Heading Home 10/11/2009

Chris and I took our rental car back to California Highway 1 which we took to Lompoc. Once there we followed the street trackage in Lompoc west and then headed south to the junction with the road to Surf. Once there we pulled into the Amtrak Surf Station Parking Lot. I used the bathroom there before heading across the tracks to get set up for the arrival of Surfliner 799 into Surf.

The surf at Surf.

The Surf Amtrak Station.

Surfliner 799 arrived into Surf and sat until departure time. It hit me like of ton of bricks and with the bathroom on the far side of the train I just had to wait and hope I would make it there after the train left.

Amtrak Engine 510.

Surfliner 799 leaves Surf and I sprinted back to the bathroom. Just making it and relieved, we headed back to Lompoc where we gassed up the rental car. From here we took CA Highway 1 to US Highway 101 to Goleta to our last stop of this trip.

South Coast Railroad Museum 10/11/2009

There was no parking so Chris Parker waited at the car while I went inside for a quick visit. This is the entrance to the museum.

A Wig Wag Crossing Signal.

A Southern Pacific Caboose.

Two views of the Goleta Depot.

Another view of the Southern Pacific Caboose.

Four views of the Goleta Depot.

Looking down the trackside of the Goleta Depot.

View down the tracks in front of the Goleta Depot.

The miniature train they sometimes give rides on. It hit me like a ton of bricks again and thank God they had a bathroom close by. This was my last event of the trip and I started feeling better. Now let's look inside the Goleta Depot.

Two views of the Goleta Depot Ticket Office.

The waiting room at the Goleta Depot. From here I walked back to the car and we headed back to Los Angeles Union Station. Chris Parker did an excellent job of driving and we got back to Union Station at 2:35 PM. I went up to Track 11 and waited for Surfliner 580 to board.

At 2:45 PM Surfliner 580 boarded and took me on a quick trip back to Santa Ana where I drove home finally feeling better. Despite everything it had been a great trip to San Luis Obispo for the Central Coast Railroad Festival.