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I'm Sober Future Album Lyrics

Lyrics by Chris Guenzler

First Drink

It just takes that first drink, to start you on that road, to becoming an alcoholic, it was that very first drink, that started me on that path, to becoming an alcoholic,

{Chorus} First drink, First drink, what did it do to me, First drink, First drink, only in time we'll see!

It was the first on the many, it was the first of my life, to becoming an alcoholic, There were no surprise warnings, flashing lights or clanging bells, to signal the start of life on that path,


It only took that first one, to make me into someone, I never thought I would be, all of the dreams of my life, all the hope and glory, could all be destroyed by that drink,


There were no simple warnings, flashing lights or bells, to signal that start of my beginning, I chose to take that path, that led me down that road, to being an alcoholic,

Reaching that feeling

When I took that first drink, with it came that feeling, it happens only once, that very first time, and from that point on, your always trying to reach that feeling,


You can't ever reach that same feeling, because it only happens just that once, it is the first time you took that drink, and it can never happen again!

so I drank and drank and drank, never reaching that same feeling, a little more should do the trick, it was too much it made me sick, I didn't care and drank some more, as I was trying to reach that feeling,


It didn't matter, I thought I could reach that feeling, it was always a lie, that I could reach that feeling, Lie is in the word rationalize, that I could always reach that feeling,

My Private Stock

I invite you to come over, tell you to pick up the booze, I have been drinking my private stock, primed and lubricated at my best,


But don't come late or I'll be passed out, or if your on time we'll drink all of your stock, When we run out I send you to the store, bring though my window unknown,

You'll never drink my private stock, I never pay when we run out, Its your pleasure to party with me, because I am the one you came to see,


Red light blue light the drinking is on, I make mine stronger that each of yours, I'm the master of this drinking games, its all my rules along with my fame,


Then we will call it a night, I'll then drink all that you left, tonight it all belongs to me, before I'm back into my private stock,


Doctor Kessler

You touch is "Smooth as Silk," a blend mixed into a magical potion, singles or doubles I'm always in your game, my imbibing of this blended and bottled brew,

"Seventy two and a half grain," neutral in spirits american whiskey, my compainion on this long winter's night, my relaxer after a long summer day,

Doctor Kessler you're my self prescribed prescription, a pain reliever, problem eraser, icecylce breaker when used in mixed company, so just give me another shot........Doc,

pour it on the rocks tonight, let's warm my body tonight, just fill another round please, for me and my company.

Doctor Kessler you've stood strong by me, through all the trials of the years, and now things are closing in on me one last time, so please Doc.....just one last shot,



Are you drinking to much? No I'm not! You drink to much! No I don't! You drinking to much! I don't miss any work! Your an alcoholic! No I'm not!

Who do you think you are, telling me how to live my life, You don't know what I have been though, but you're trying to tell me the truth,


I'm in denial its not true, I'm still functioning in society, I'm not living out in the gutter, I know what is best for me,


You're trying to tell me but I won't listen, everyone tried brothers and sister, some knew I would stop one day, but that would be in my own time,


I won't listen to a word you say, I would rather lie every day, I could never ever be true, me an alcoholic that couldn't be so,


A Drunkard Drama

Stone cold sober for the first time in months, react to TV and presonal crisis, look at my glass gleaming clean for once, ponder many questions and ask why?

pour the mixer and the drink strong, wonder for a second about its worth, then the time it crosses you lips, pour its consist straight down you throat,

One follows another and another follows true, can't get enough to pull another through this night, drink for the moment until the room spins true, caress the seconds of your drunkeness,

drunk be like a proverbial skunk, dance to the bottle's emptyness, tomorrow is just the memory to be lived, tonight is the time to forget today,

Wake along stare into the collection of empties, the morning reverberates last night's greatness, there's only a smile of you picture to remind me. that I was totaly alone again last night!

Hidden Bottles

I started my drinking all over again, drinking away my loneliest and shame, it takes me into my own little world, where I escape from your world,

There's a knock on my door, hide the bottle once more, pop a breath mint into my mouth, answer the door looking innocent,


You're not fooling anyone Chris, Everyone knows what you do, Hidden Bottles fools no one, Hidden Bottles only fool you,

Returning to drinking once more, drinking all of you off my mind, it takes me into my own private world, I escape into my own reality,

Another knock on my door, hide the bottle once more, shoot the bianca in my mouth, answer the door looking innocent,


On a Train

I drank my way across America, on Amtrak trains Coast to Coast, I even got myself thrown off, just once in New Orleans, I wasted so much money, just drinking my time away, Drinking my way across America, new bottle at destination end,


On a train, on a train, I always drank on the train, I drank all those miles away, with the bottle my only friend,

I drank my way across Canada, on Via Rail Coast to Coast, bought my liquor at servicing stops, then in my room I tanked it up, I wasted so much money, just drinking the miles away, drinking my way across Canada, a new bottle at each servicing stop,


I drank my way in Mexico, Bannafish tours to Copper Canyon, I always got back across the border, after practicing all of my lines, I wasted so many pesos, drinking the kilometers away, every time I went to Mexico, a new bottle along the way,


I'm so lonely

I'm as lonely as the man on the moon, he's only seen during those clear nights, I'm as lonely as the reflection in a mirror, its any there when you are standing there, I'm as lonely as a flash of lightning, a second later it is gone forever, I'm as lonely as that lone lost sheep, who hasn't been able to find its way,


I'm lonely with a drink in hand, a bottle is a false found friend, the moments are fast my cares are lost, now my friend is empty and gone,

I'm as lonely as the last leaf on a tree, just hanging on until its turn to fall, I'm as lonely as a lone tree on a hill, standing strong until lightning strikes it, I'm as lonely as the sand on the beach, waiting for that high tide crashing wave, I'm as lonely as a shooting star, in a flash I'm totally gone,


I'm as lonely as the last dot on the TV screen, its the last thing you see when the power is gone, I'm as lonely as the last note of a song, the final end sound one hears, I'm as lonely as a train in the dark night, with only a headlight to show its way, I'm as lonely as what's starring me in my mirror, I leave its view and I'm still lonely too!


My window

It was a ever night occurrence, drank until I passed out, my body then would wake me, in order to get something out, I couldn't make it out of room, the bathroom was a world away, in order to solve my problem, I left my bed behind,


I would piss out my window, vomit out my window, on some nights I did both, pissed out my window, or vomit out my window, or on some nights I did both,

It was the way to relieve myself, my body's way of getting it out, its location was so convenient, to my nightly circumstance, whatever my situation, my window as always there, I always made sure it was open, to be ready for my nightly need,

{Chorus} {Chorus}

Vicious Circle

I'm living my life the same way every day, coming to passing out its always the same, something has total control of me, its something that I refuse to see<,/P> {Chorus}

Its a vicious circle, my life is caught in, Its a vicious circle, that takes my freedom away, that made me a slave to its way, Its a vicious circle, The bottle is the lord of my life, Its a vicious circle, Its a vicious circle,

Day in Day out its always the same, my hand shakes until I play the game, I'm always the loser in the end, Until I come to play that game again,


Something has total control of me, it something that I refuse to see, I'm always the loser in the end, if I don't stop I'll end up dead<,/P>

Come to not wake up, keep my food down if I'm lucky, dt's shake until I drink, pass out not fall asleep,


Alone in my Room {The Aftermath}

I look into empty bottles, the window, a mirror, all I see is your image appear, my hearts been broken and my mind turned off, and if I don't see tomorrow its another day lost,

The night is so empty without you around, darkness can't hide loneliness where fellings resound, maybe tomorrow we can be back as two, but tonight I remain alone in my room,


Alone in my room, its not about you, Alone in my room, it caused by me!

memories can never take the place of you, a drunken wsmile will lead to the hangover blues, I can not drink my fellings away, emotions only fade by the tools of time,

The colors I wear are of black and blue, one day might turn white as good heroes do, I will shine in the future for all to see, Prehaps you were just to blind to see the real me!

Hung Over again

I came to in the morning, I survived another night, my tongue is like sand paper, my mouth is desert dry, my stomach is turning, my head reals in pain, I barely stagger to my feet, as I promise never again,


Hung over again, facing another day, why did I do it again, Hung Over gain, wishing it would end, paying the price of my game,

If I keep breakfast down I'm lucky, or vomit from my car so ugly, sounds cause a twinge of pain, even the ants are on parade, there's pounding hammers in my head, I might be better off dead, but why did I do that to me, every night leads to this morning,


The work day drags onward, my pain continues to control me, my mood is foul and rough, where did my nice guy go to, my mind lives for later, for the end of my work day, the dreams of that bottle again, to relieve my pain again,


The Ants are on parade, The Ants are on parade, The Ants are on parade, The Ants are on parade, The Ants are on parade, The Ants are on parade, The Ants are on parade, The Ants are on parade,


My hands shake I can't control, I can't even sign my name, my body is reacting to my drinking, its signaling me I better stop,


DT's are what I got, DT's my body shakes in need, DT's have control over me, DT's cured by more alcochol,

Feels like I'm not myself, my body just isn't right, its reacting to my drinking, its controlling my every move,


There's only one answer, to making all this shaking stop, its a simple self prescribe cure, a single strong drinks makes them go away,


The Proof

I'm in a 7th Grade Science Class, an experiment to prove a point, if it is true retest it again, if it is true retest it a third,


I must have learned that lesson, at home that night it became perfectly clear, I learned the truth retesting it twice, my results were cystral clear,

I admitted I was an alocholic, my first step was to God, I prayed for his help and guidance, and peace came to me at last,

I now had the proof I needed to change the path of my life, I would leave the bottle behind, to start a sober life,


I put myself into treatment, to learn the educational facts, of what I did to my body, and learn how not to relapse,

I joined an AA group, then worked the twelve steps, I went out into life amazed, I now have control of my life,


No drink under an circumstance, became my battle cry, I now walk the path of life, free and completely dry,


Doctor Kessler good bye

Dear Doctor Kessler I'm just letting you know, you've become an addiction a very bad habit, so I'm saying farewell to you Doctor Kessler, before you and your friends take over life forever,

I'm Sober

I used to spend my time drinking my life away, living a shelter life in total solituide, the bottle was the only friend on whom I could depend, but it was leading me on a path to my end,


I'm Sober, I'm Sober, each and every day, I'm Sober, I'm Sober, I'm living life that way, I'm Sober, I'm Sober, if everybody could, living life is so great sober, Everybody should

I'm free of the bottle and a slave to its way, I'm now living life and dream in a sober way, My life is now my own I'm totaly free, I'm now living to reach my destiny.


I'm freed from the bottle each and every day, the rest of my life for that I truly pray, I'm living life to the fullest in a sober way, my dreams now come true instead of being drunk away.