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Orange County Railfanning 8/24/2013

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton and I decided to Railfan Orange County. So we picked Saturday August 24, 2013 and he picked me up at 6:00 AM and after a stop at 7/11 for ice we headed down Interstate 5 to Alicia Parkway and made a left on Muirlands Blvd then right on Los Ailsos Blvd then a right on Brussels Avenue where we parked. From here armed with cameras and backpacks with reading materials we walked out to the bridge over the Metrolink San Diego Sub and set up to be ready. All photo locations would be new today except the last one at Atwood.

Pacific Surfliner 562 for San Diego was the first train of the day.

A few minutes later Pacific Surfliner 763 for Los Angeles came by our location. From here we returned to the car and drove east of Los Ailsos Blvd, right on Jeronimo Road and after crossing Alicia Parkway we made a right into the Gateway Shopping Plaza and parked. From here we walked out onto the Alicia Parkway bridge over Metrolink San Diego Sub and set up. A phone call to Amtrak told us that Pacific Surfliner 564 was canceled as well as Pacific Surfliner 573. We then set up for Pacific Surfliner 565.

Pacific Surfliner 565 for Los Angeles came through next.

Following him was Metrolink 661 for Los Angeles as he climbed to the highest point of the old Santa Fe Surfline.

Metrolink 857 for Oceanside came by us next. Back to the car then west on Alicia Parkway back to Interstate 5 south to Avery Parkway then south on Camino Capistrano. We parked the car then walked to our photo location.

Pacific Surfliner 566 for San Diego came by us first.

Next came Pacific Surfliner 567 heading to Los Angeles. We walked back to the car as I called Lets Talk Trains before we took Interstate 5 south to Pacific Coast Highway and a wrong turn cost us Metrolink 660. We found a place to park close to the Pedestrian Bridge at Capistrano Shores and we waited for our first train here.

First came Pacific Surfliner 769 heading to Goleta.

Next came Metrolink 859 heading to Oceanside.

Pacific Surfliner 768 for San Diego was our final train here. Back on Intetstate 5 now north we took it to Crown Valley Parkway then a right on Cabot Road and we parked across the street in a business complex.

Metrolink 662 for Oceanside came by us first.

Metrolink 665 for Los Angeles was next.

Pacific Surfliner 572 for San Diego was our last train here. We headed back to Interstate 5 stopping by a 7/11 store in Irvine for snacks before we took Interstate 5 to the 57 Freeway where we exited at Orangethrope Ave east then took a left on Melrose Street then a right on Crowther Ave to our next new photo location, the Pedestrian Bridge over the BNSF mainline in Placentia.

BNSF 6624 West was our first train here.

A light engine move BNSF 6952 West snuck up on us.

BNSF 7593 East was our last train here. From here we drove east over to Atwood and parked.

BNSF 7826 East at Atwood.

BNSF 6850 East was next at Atwood.

The last train of our trip today was BNSF 5105 West. Bill returned me to Santa Ana where I put on Lets Talk Trains as I wrote this story.