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North Carolina Transportation Museum Spencer Shops Part 2 8/16/2000

by Chris Guenzler

There is more to see here than just trains at the North Carolina Transportation Museum.

Big rigs are on display along the path to the Roundhouse.

DuPont Tank Car DUPX 6826 and Hopper 38069.

Cone 16 Box Car "Fabrics for the Family since 1895" and NCDOT Rail Caboose.

An airplane in the Wagons, Wheels and Wings Exhibit in the Master Mechanic's Office. Next I will show you some of the exhibits in the Bumper to Bumper Exhibits in the Flue Shop.

The Bumper to Bumper Exhibit was excellent. I then walked out to behind the Roundhouse for a few more pictures.

A Southern Railway RPO Car among others.

Another view of the Spencer Roundhouse.

Southern Railway 2003 Catawba River.

Amtrak F40PH 307.

Norfolk and Western Caboose 518675.

NW Caboose 51864

An unknown steam engine boiler.

Norfolk Southern NS 14 Royal Arch.

New Haven Pine Tree State.

Roanoke Chapter NRHS 1148 Devil Lake.

Chicago and Northwestern Passenger Car.

Southern Railway RPO 49.

Seaboard Coast Line Caboose 0613.

Winston-Salem Southbound Railway Caboose 671.

Just another view. There was one last thing I wanted to do and for a dollar you could do it. Pay and you get a ride on the Spencer Roundhouse Turntable.

Five of us paid and soon we were on our way around.

Chris Parker on the Spencer Roundhouse Turntable.

Spinning around!

Our new friends on the turntable. When it came to a stop, it was time to end our visit to this most wonderful railroad museum. This is one I rate as the highest that I have been to. I showed Chris the other non train exhibits and then we visited the gift shop. We then walked back to the car and left the Spencer Shops and the North Carolina Transportation Museum.

Chris and I went to Our Place Cafe for lunch. We then found US 70 to Statesville and found what we were looking for.

Alexander Railroad GE 44 Toner 3

Switching was Alexander Railroad SW-9 8. We then drove Interstate 40 to Old Fort and found our next quest.

The ex Southern Railway Station in Old Fort. We stopped to get Chris some water before we headed in search of Andrew's Geyser and some trains.

Andrew Geysers at the Loops west of Old Fort, North Carolina. This is a manmade Geyser. We had no trains so we then drove the dirt road over the Blue Ridge back to the Interstate 40 which we took into Asheville. Here we meet David Pressley from the Forum and we had planned to eat supper with sinceI was passing through his home town.

The Depot Restaurant in Asheville in the former Southern Railway Biltmore station

Chris and Dave at the Depot. I had a nice steak and we had great conversations. All too soon we had to leave but it was great to finally meet David after all of his great posts on We next visited Walmart because Chris needed a new camera and he bought a new one there. Back in the car, we drove onto Bryson City to the Sleep Inn where we would spend the next two nights. Tomorrow, the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad but that is another story.