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NJT Trip to Spring Valley then on to Wilmington and Philadelphia 6/18/2010

by Chris Guenzler

I got up at the Jane Hotel and after checking out, I took a taxi cab to Penn Station and stored my bags in the Club Acela Closet. I tried to finished yesterdays story and was set to upload it when my FTX Explorer wouldn't work. I learned that Amtrak Wi-Fi had it blocked. That upset me since I write stories about Amtrak and train travel as well and that act cost me time. I then took PATH back over to Hoboken and after getting some breakfast, I went and bought my roundtrip NJT Ticket to Spring Valley. I took care of some other business before heading out to Track 7 to wait for the train to arrive.

NJT Cab Car 6031 brought NJT Train 1612 into Hoboken from Spring Valley.

NJT 4110.

NJT 4110 is on the train to Suffen, NY.

NJT 4211 is on the point of a train to Dover.

NJT 1605 to Spring Valley 6/18/2010

Our train to Spring Valley had NJT 4031 on it. I boarded Coach NJT 5445 for my trip to Spring Valley.

The train left Hoboken on time.

NJT trains being serviced at Hoboken. The train headed into the Bergen Tunnel built by the Lackawanna Railroad in 1908. The train then made its stop at Secaucus Junction where many passengers transferred off our train to other NJT line trains and onto this train.

The Hackensack River was off to the west.

Our train then crossed the Hackensack River. At CP Pascack I started my new rail mileage to Spring Valley.

The Meadowland Sport Complex where the New York Jets and Giants plays their football games.

The skyline of New York City across the landscape.

At CP Sport the new connections to the Meadowland Sport Complex Station. Our train stopped at Wood-Ridge, Teterboro, Essex Street, Anderson Street and New Bridge Landing. From there we ran express skipping River Edge, Oradell, Emerson, Westwoods, Hillsdale, Woodcliff Lake, Park Ridge and Montvale. Once we were in New York we made the Metro North stops of Pearl River, Nanuet before we reached Spring Valley where I detrained.

Because of a grade crossing the trains all return to the storage yard and there goes mine.

NJT Train 1607 came into Spring Valley from Hoboken. A few minutes later I heard a horn and knew my train was on the way back to the Dover Station.

NJT Train 1622 pulled into Spring Valley, picked me and the other passengers and we headed back to Hoboken making all the stops on that trip.

Metro North 4503 at Hoboken before I detrained. I walked straight to a waiting PATH train that took me back to 33rd Street and a long block walk returned me to Penn Station. I stopped at KFC for lunch before going back to Club Acela and writing this part of the story.

Northeast Regional Train 85 to Wilmington 6/18/2010.

I boarded the last car and found a nice Amfleet full window seat for my trip to Wilmington. I turned on the computer and put on my CD of Alice Cooper "Dragontown" to pass time on the Amfleet trip to Wilmington. The train went through the Hudson River Tunnel then sprinted across the open lands of New Jersey to Newark. The train ran at a reduced rate of speed to our next stop of Metropark. Finally a late Acela Express heading to Washington DC flew by us before we reached Metropark. After that it was the fast running the Northeast Corridor is known for as we flew to Trenton.

Amtrak 653 on a northbound train at Trenton. After that it was on to Philadelphia and then onto Wilmington where I detrained after a very nice trip on Train 85 this afternoon.

Now back to Philly. 6/18/2010

I knew the Wilmington Station was under remodeling but lucked out finding the Hertz Rental Car Counter. I got a Toyota Corolla and finally found Interstate 95. I would take LA Freeways any day over the drivers here. I followed my Mapquest Directions and after battling traffic for ten miles it finally opened up and I got to the former Motel 6 now a Skyview Plaza Hotel but they honored my Motel 6 rate. I tried to get On-line but with no luck. With that I took the next picture.

The view from my hotel room. I then drove to Citizens Bank Park.

The building the Philadelphia Flyers play hockey in and the Philadelphia 76er's play basketball in.

The stadium the Philadelphia Eagles play football in.

Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. All can be reached by SEPTA Service from downtown.

A history of Philadelphia Music was performed before the game and was very good.

Views around the Citizens Bank Ballpark

The Phillie Phantic.

The first pitch.

The view of downtown Philadelphia from the Citizens Bank Park. All those long nights in New York caught up with me so after the Phillies got up 3-0 in the first, I returned to my hotel to get a good night sleep. The Phillies beat the Twins 9-3.