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Double Headed Through the Foothills 11/04/2007 Part 2

On the Sierra Railroad

by Chris Guenzler

The train stopped at Cooperstown and it was announced that the Sierra 28 and McCloud 18 would be posed for pictures alongside of each other. Next the McCloud 18 would be wyed and placed onto our end of the train. The Sierra 28 would then be wyed but would run to Warnersville for water. We would then do a Photo Runby with just the McCloud 18 before running to Warnersville. That would give the Sierra 28 plenty of time to be watered. We decided to stay on the train where we were as it overlooked the wye the engines would be turned on. A few minutes passed before the McCloud 18 made its way around the wye at Cooperstown.

The McCloud 18 went around the wye but it was discovered that the west switch did not have a switch stand so they could not throw the switch. Pry Bars were gotten off of the Sierra 28 a few minutes later to throw the switch by hand. While the McCloud 18 waited for that to happen the Sierra 28 then took its turn going around the wye at Cooperstown.

The Sierra 28 came around the wye then stopped behind the McCloud 18. Off went the Pry Bars and the crew worked at throwing the switch by hand using the Pry Bars to move the switch points.

The Cab of the Sierra 28. They throw the switch and the McCloud 18 pulled forward to clear it.

The McCloud 18 waiting for the switch to be thrown by hand.

The McCloud 18 backing onto our train.

The switch was thrown again and the Sierra 28 then started towards the mainline.

The Sierra 28 heads to the mainline. The Sierra 28 then run to Warnersville to get watered as the McCloud 18 had already been watered there on the eastbound trip. Once the switch was thrown again and all passengers were aboard, the McCloud 18 took control of our train heading westbound back towards Oakdale.

The view from my seat when I stood up. We traveled back west over a mile and we soon stopped for our next Photo Runby of this trip.

The view of the McCloud 18 after I stepped off of our train.

The train did the backup move.

The train did Photo Runby 6. We reboarded the train and ran to Warnersville where we found a waiting Sierra 28 which was added to the point of our train. Once on the move again we headed to the Dodge City Curves for the final Photo Runbys of the trip.

We were running west of the Turkey Farms.

Another view forward then back.

The train did the backup move.

The train did Photo Runby 7.

The train did the final back up move of the trip.

The train did the Photo Runby 8. We reboarded and headed back to Oakdale.

The light on the McCloud 18.

Over the tender shot.

The Sierra Railroad Baldwin S-12s set out of service in the yard.

The remaining Sierra Baldwin S-12 sits outside the Oakdale Shops. The train returned us all to the Oakdale boarding area and with that ending a fantastic Double Headed Steam Trip on the Sierra Railroad. A Special thank you to Henry Luna and all involved who did their part in making this such a special trip.

The Trip Home

I called Amtrak in Santa Ana and canceled my trip home and then Chris called Southwest Airlines and managed to get his Sacramento flight canceled. We made a stop in Turlock for snacks and at the Tulare Rest Stop where I checked e-mail and some posts on Trainorders before we drove home. Good music of Neil Young and the Poxy Boggards made time fly as we arrived at the Santa Ana Train Station at 10:34 PM and I then drove home. I got home over three hours sooner than I would have taking the train. I got a good night of rest at home before starting another week of work at McFadden.