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The Royal Hudson Trip to White Rock 2/08/2010

plus the Southern Railway of British Columbia and Roberts Bank

by Chris Guenzler

Meeting in the lobby of the Quality Inn at 8:00 AM on Day 5500 of my sobriety. We drove south towards Delta but when the tunnel was backed up, we headed over to the Southern Railway of British Columbia Trapp Yard. There we signed releases, put on orange safety vests, hard hats and steel toed shoes. With that we were free to take all the pictures we wanted so here is a visit to the Southern Railway of British Columbia Shops at Trapp Yard.

At the east end of the shop was CITX 2785.

GMD1 1203 was switching cars this morning.

CITX 3057.

T6 804 ex Nippon Terminal ex Portland Terminal 46.

GMD1 1203 ex CN 1061.

CITX 3170 ex UP 3937.

GP-7 128 ex Montana Rail Link, ex CNW and ex Frisco.

GP-10 002 future slug ex Mid South, ex Illinois Central GP-9 9225.

GP-10 003 future slug ex Mid South, ex Illinois Central.

GMD1 1203 still switching cars by my location this wet morning.

Scene outside the east end of the shop building.

CITX 3072.

SD-38-2 384 originally BC Hydro.

SD-38AC 381 originally BC Hydro.

SW-900 905 originally BC Electric.

GMD1 1204 ex CN 1204.

GMD1 1201 ex CN 1201.

SD-38-2 383 originally BC Hydro.

MP15DC 153.

GP-9 121 ex MRL, Ex BN and ex Northern Pacific.

Railpower Green Goat 2001.

SW-900 908 originally BC Electric.

GP-9 112 ex MRL, ex BN and ex NP.

West side of the shop view. With those last pictures we thanked them for allowing us to be here, turned in all the equipment and signed out. It was quite a neat experience visiting the Southern Railway of British Columbia. From here we drove over to Port Mann to the CN Thorton Yard but there wasn't anything there. We next decided to drive out to Roberts Bank and we weren't disappointed.

On the way there we caught CN 2222 at Gulf.

CN EF44DC 2222.

CN C44-9 2686.

View of Roberts Bank.

BNSF 6376 and KCS 4113.

KCS 4113. We drove into Roberts Bank as far as the public is allowed before we turned around and headed out of Roberts Bank. We stopped for a CP Rail unit that was parked on our way in.

CP ES44AC 8873 with a Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Emblem on it.

Four more pictures of the CP ES44AC 8873.

CN 5357 East.

CN SD-40-2 5357.

CN 2682 West.

CN C44-9W 2682.

CN 2682 West meets CN 5357 East at Gulf.

CN C44-9W 2694.

CN 2682 West heads west to Roberts Bank and we headed to Vancouver to ride the Royal Hudson this afternoon.

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