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NRHS TAG Line Trip 8/23/2007

by Chris Guenzler

Chris Parker and I got up on this morning and decided to visit the Cafe Espresso to get something to eat this morning before our third NRHS 2007 Convention Trip.

We walked out across the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Chattanooga Choo Choo and found our train had not arrived yet to board. Today's trips are in two groups. We are Group A and will do the Tag Line Trip down to Kensington in the morning and then do the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in the afternoon. Group B will do the TVRM in the morning and ride the Tag Line in the afternoon. The trip will be over the former rails of the Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Railroad now owned by the Chattanooga & Chickamauga Railway.

Passengers waiting for the train to arrive into the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Our train backed into the track at the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

I took a picture of the front of this morning's Tag Line Train.

Our train consisted of GP-9L 1829, RDC 22, Coach 3203 and RDC 20, all from the TVRM collection.

I boarded the RDC 22 and settled in for the trip looking across the parking lot from where we had come this morning.

We departed a few minutes late and a look back towards the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

I could see the Hotel Building Two where we were staying during the convention. We passed Terminal Tower as we exited the gate from the property.

We are now out along the CSX mainline which we will cross to get to the TAG Line.

Another rail line comes into the junction at 22nd Street.

Lookout Mountain and the route of the Incline Railway could be seen.

We made a turn to the west and the north end of Lookout Mountain could be seen. Next we went under a bridge under the Norfolk Southern Mainline to Birmingham.

A few minutes later Rock City could be seen far below.

A field of corn with Lookout Mountain standing behind.

Close up of Rock City.

We went by an interesting farm.

We saw more of Lookout Mountain.

We ran by a factory along our route near Flintstone.

We blocked the traffic as we surprised many motorists who did a double take when they saw our train.

We saw the High Point at the south end of Lookout Mountain. We stopped for a Photo Runby next to a large field.

The Coach 3203.

RDC 22.

TVRM GP-9L 1829.

The back up move.

The train did Photo Runby 1. The photo line was then relocated for the northbound Photo Runby.

RDC 20.

The train did Photo Runby 2 with the RDC leading.

Our train returning to pick us up.

Everyone was getting ready to reboard the train.

Some people had a longer walk than others.

I thought this was an interesting picture before I boarded the train.

Back on board another view of Lookout Mountain.

A look across another field.

We came upon a horse who must have jumped the fence along our route and injured himself as he got cut by the barb wire on the fence. He was standing in front of our train blocking our route and it took almost half an hour to clear him from the tracks so we could continue south.

An interesting view.

We came to a Milepost Sign.

We have arrived into Kensington. No one had a switch key so this delayed us another forty five minutes. The air conditioning also gave out in our RDC but they managed to get it going again before we left Kensington later this morning.

A look along our train at Kensington.

The controls in the RDC 20.

The view out of the front door of the RDC.

The RDC Engineer's view.

A look forward as we waited for the switch key to arrive.

Another view along our train at Kensington.

The emblem of the Chattanooga & Chickamauga Railway.

The Chattanooga & Chickamauga Railway pulled us backwards to clear our GP-9.

The C&C engine then cut off as we were now ready to head back to Chattanooga.

Another view of our helpful C&C Locomotive.

It was good to be moving again.

I really enjoyed all the views I saw from all of these train trips. That horse managed to delay us again on our northbound trip but it was much shorter this time.

Down at the end of the road.

Another crossing different view.

The High Point of Lookout Mountain.

An outstanding view.

Another view of Lookout Mountain.

We could see the Flags at Rock City.

Another view of Rock City.

The train ran by the Rock City barn.

A look back from whence we had come!

Another view of Rock City.

Later we went under the Norfolk Southern mainline.

Our train crossed another rail line.

The train curved into NS Shipps Yard.

The train crossed Chattanooga Creek.

We went under the Interstate 24 highway bridge.

We crossed the CSX mainlines.

All the way through the junction. We returned to the Chattanooga Choo Choo later than planned, so the trip to the TVRM would be backed up to a 2:15 PM departure by bus to the museum.

One last look at our GP-9 that provided the motive power for our trip today.

One last view before I returned to our room and cooled off before changing my shirt for the afternoon trip.